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Is Don Lemon leaving? Where Don Lemon going after CNN?

Is Don Lemon leaving? Where Don Lemon going after CNN?

On April 2023, CNN’s longtime anchor Don Lemon departed the network after 17 years of service. Lemon, a fixture at the cable news giant, announced his departure.

Who is Don Lemon?

After joining CNN in 2006, Don Lemon, 57, quickly established himself as one of the network’s most recognizable figures.

Before joining CNN, he worked as a local anchor in several cities and as a correspondent for NBC News. Lemon has covered significant events while working for CNN, including the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and the passing of Michael Jackson.

In 1991, John Lemon started as a news assistant for WNYW in New York City and later worked for other national news organizations.

He has won multiple journalism honors, including an Emmy for his coverage of the 2002 arrest of snipers in Washington, D.C. He also wrote several novels.

Is Don Lemon leaving? Where Don Lemon going after CNN?

Image Source – BBC

Why is Don Lemon leaving CNN?

Lemon stated in his announcement that he was leaving CNN for “personal reasons,” without going into further detail. His desire to spend more time with his partner Tim Malone and their family was mentioned. Lemon also thanked his CNN coworkers and said working with them had been an honor.

Although Lemon did not make any specific plans known in his announcement, he did mention that he was not retiring and working on other projects.

He thanked his viewers for their support and pledged to keep contributing to the national conversation.

Community response to Don Lemon leaving:

Lemon’s announcement came as a surprise to many in the news industry and his viewers. His departure from CNN was met with sadness and well-wishes from colleagues and fans. CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, praised Lemon for his work at the network and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

After 17 years, Don Lemon left CNN, leaving a void in the network’s schedule. His audience and peers will miss his distinctive tone and in-depth analysis. Lemon’s plans are unknown, but CNN will remember him for a long time thanks to his contributions.

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