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After Serving the Network for 17 Years as an Anchor, Don Lemon Got Fired

Why was Don Lemon fired from CNN

CNN presenter Don Lemon has been sighted for the first time since the network fired him.

Why was Don Lemon fired from CNN1


Don Lemon of CNN has Lost his Job:

The 57-year-old was seen leaving his Manhattan apartment by The Post on Monday, only an hour after ranting on Twitter about his termination.

Lemon, his companion Tim Malone, and their three dogs broke cover from the Hudson Yards tower.

The controversial ex-anchor, wearing a black helmet and sunglasses, continued irregularly checking his gadget as the pair walked down the street. The first appearance occurred shortly after Lemon sent an angry tweet stating that CNN’s decision to fire him after 17 years had taken him by surprise.

My agency told me this morning that CNN had fired me. “After 17 years at CNN, I’m shocked. Lemon said on Twitter, “I would have expected someone at the top would have the courtesy to notify me personally.

“At no point was I told I could not continue doing the work I loved at the network.” There are some more significant concerns at work.”

CNN Official Statement:

CNN did not explain why Lemon quit, but it did contradict his account of events. It claimed that Don Lemon’s assertion on what happened this morning was false. He was allowed to speak with management but issued a Twitter statement.”

In a separate statement, CNN chairman Chris Licht stated, “CNN and Don have parted ways.” Don will be remembered as a member of the CNN family for the last 17 years. He has our best wishes for success in his future endeavors.

According to Licht, CNN This Morning has “been on the air for almost six months now, and we are dedicated to its success” despite its rating issues.

Lemon was chastised by Licht and momentarily removed on the air in February after making broadcast statements regarding Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

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