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Who was Tiera Strand? 25-year-old woman found dead on county road after going missing

Who was Tiera Strand? 25-year-old woman found dead on county road after going missing

Tiera Strand, a 25-year-old mother, was from the missing last Sunday and found dead on the side of Bell County Road.

Who was Tiera Strand?

Tiera Strand was a 25-year-old mother; she found a dead body found 70 miles away from Texas on the side of a Bell County Road and temple on April 20, confirmed by the Bell County Sheriff’s Department, who went missing for the last 5 days. The last time she was seen alive was at Mooseknuckle Pub in Austin. 

This summer, she was to graduate, and she was ambitious and dreamed of joining the US Navy; her family members include a six-year-old daughter presently living with her grandfather, her sister Mariah Herron, and her mother, Monica Herron.

Tiera Strand Cause of Death 

Tiera Strand was seen alive last time at Moose Knuckle Pub in Austin on April 16 in the early morning and went missing after the incident occurred on E-6th Street in Downtown Austin; her mother suspects that the cause of death would be that a group of girls attacked Tiera in the club.

She said their fighting was moved outside. They were angry with Tiera, and they found nothing with her, no purse, no bank, no money, everything was stolen, only she was found 70 miles from Texas. 

According to authorities, they investigate the whole event, and the exact cause of death will be concluded after a medical examination or autopsy; before that, they cannot conclude anything.

Bell County Sheriff’s Department will conduct a joint investigation with the Austin Police Department and look for the details about this act.

Tiera Strand obituary

Tiera Strand was found dead 70 miles from Texas; Tiera Strand was an alone mother and also had seen a dream of joining the US Navy, this summer was going to graduate and wanted to achieve something in her life, her mother could not believe she had gone, and she blamed the group of girls who attacked her in the pub. 

Her sister Mariah Herron said that she is confused, sad, and angry simultaneously; whenever Tiera’s daughter calls her, she always asks about her mother, and at that time, she doesn’t know about her death.

After Tiera’s funeral, the family plans to hire an investigator to learn about this brutal incident and the main cause of her death. Herron also set up a GoFundMe page that will aid the family in meeting the funeral expenses.

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