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Who is Patricia Wu-Murad? Patricia disappeared while hiking in Japan

Who is Patricia Wu-Murad? Patricia disappeared while hiking in Japan

Patricia Wu-Murad is an avid hiker at the age of 61. Her friends and family stated that she vanished while she went on hiking in the mountains of Japan last week.

Who is Patricia Wu-Murad?

Patricia is a 62-year-old woman. She is an avid hiker. Before that, she used to work in a company named United Technologies and retired last year only. While working in a company, she was remarked as hardworking. Also, in March, she was rewarded with the remark of an ambitious hiking pilgrimage.

She is married to Kirk Murad and is the mother of three children and was reported to have vanished while hiking in the mountains. Her husband told the police when he got the news of her disappearance that Patricia was an experienced hiker. 

He also added that they had been married since 1990 and were excited to celebrate their 33rd anniversary, which will come next month. 

Who is Patricia Wu-Murad? Patricia disappeared while hiking in Japan

Image Source – CT Insider

What happened to Patricia? 

She started her trek in March and said she would finish it on April 13. And after completing her trek, she was supposed to meet her friends in Osaka.

She went hiking in the mountains of Japan when she was in the middle of a 700-mile trek. She was around Kumano Kodo trail. The hostel in which she was residing reported that she was missing on April 10. After the trial ended, she didn’t end up in the hostel.

Patricia was seen last on April 10. On April 10, she left the hostel to cover an 11-trek at 7 am. The trek people decided on the checkpoint where their trail would get over, and at that checkpoint only, they would meet in the evening.

But the concern grew when they discovered she didn’t report to the checkpoint in the evening. And then they all declared that she was missing. 

After she was reported missing, the local police of Japan came into action. Many reporters reported that local police in Japan started to search for how she disappeared from the trek. They started searching for her as soon as they were reported regarding her missing complaint on April 10.

After investigating for 72 hours, the authorities reported that the search was completed, but she was not found anywhere. They then told her family of her disappearance through the United States Embassy on April 14.

Her family has launched some campaigns to search for her on their own, and they have also raised the fund to $100,000 so that they can find her. They have also hired dogs, helicopters, and translators to find her. 

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