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Who is Jorge Diaz Vega? Former Disney World employee charged with $exual promiscuity

Who is Jorge Diaz Vega? Former Disney World employee charged with sexual promiscuity

The Walt Disney World Resort, usually referred to as Walt Disney World or Disney World, is a resort area with amusement at Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States, close to Orlando and Kissimmee. Jorge Diaz Vega is 26 years old.

Walt Disney World, with a standard yearly visitation of over 58 million, was among the most popular tourist destinations worldwide in 2018. It has grown into a well-known fixture in American society and is the company’s premier location for its global business operations.

A former Walt Disney World staff member is accused of secretly filming a female up her skirt while she was in the dressing room. He reportedly told authorities that he had attempted this over five hundred times in the previous six years.

Who is Jorge Diaz Vega?

Jorge Diaz Vega, 26, worked at the Star Wars souvenir shop inside Disney World’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida before his recent interrogation on a single charge of filming surveillance, a third-degree misdemeanor carrying a maximum five-year jail sentence. 

Who is Jorge Diaz Vega? Former Disney World employee charged with sexual promiscuity

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What was Vega accused of?

As per the legal documents submitted by the Orange County Sheriff’s investigators, Vega was filming an 18-year-old woman’s skirt by another individual. She eventually admitted to not knowing about Vega’s conduct to the police.

When questioned by the police officers, Vega allegedly admitted that watching the films was fun and demonstrated this by showing officers many clips on his mobile.

After being detained on the 31st of March, he was set free after posting a 2500-thousand-dollar bond. As per reports, Vega does not work for Walt Disney World anymore.

Regarding weather officials seeking additional criminal charges against Vega, the deputy’s office postponed clarification until Monday.

The sheriff’s office and Disney did not elaborate on whether authorities are trying to locate the other women that Vega is said to have recorded films of.

Vega was a particular employee of the Star Wars shop. According to the police analysis, the offender stated: that he got those videos because it was difficult to find them online. He also said that such things gave him $exual pleasure.

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