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What You Should Know About Late Len Goodman’s Wife Sue Barrett?

Len Goodman’s Wife Sue Barrett
Image source- The Scottish

The news that Len Goodman had died of bone cancer on April 22 devastated the entertainment industry. The news was made public on Monday.

Who is Sue Barrett?

Sue is nearly 20 years younger than Len and a former professional dance instructor. She is not well-known, as Len stated earlier, and she prefers to avoid the spotlight. There is no question that she and Len partook in a cosy relationship, however, Len routinely alluded to her as his brilliant Sue and told the Mail that Sue was lovely and made him extremely cheerful.

Len Goodman’s Wife Sue Barrett

Image source- The US

He also made a joke about how lucky his wife was to have a bed with him because he falls asleep right away. At the time, he stated that he didn’t snore and slept well and the duvet was not only his. He added that he just lay there and went straight off to rest.

About Len and Sue’s Marriage

Before getting married in December of the year 2012, the couple had been together for ten years. The Telegraph reports that their wedding was a surprise.

They welcomed a few dear companions to a tranquil Sunday lunch and shocked visitors when the recorder showed up and a short service was initiated. According to Goodman, he wanted it to be a low-key affair, so he didn’t tell anyone except his 96-year-old mother because he didn’t want her to have a heart attack with the surprise.

When asked about his decision to marry his wife, he told the Daily Mail that he realized he had viewed the lady he needed as with until the end of his life so why not get hitched with her? Going on, he said that he had admitted before that he was selfish, which does not bode well for marriage, but his wonderful wife got him to admit that. He believed that it was true love because he had become completely selfless.

Did Len And Sue Had Children Together?

Len Goodman never had children with Sue, his wife. Len was 28 when he got married to Cherry Kingston, his dance partner. In his autobiography called “Better Late Than Never,” he admitted that their marriage lacked the spark of real love and was a dancing marriage.

However, he was hurt when she left him for a French millionaire, hurt because she had done it and hurt because of how he found out. After Goodman split from Kingston, he had another long-term partner, as mentioned in his autobiography, who was a very attractive girl name, Lesley.

Len Goodman’s Wife Sue Barrett

Image source- Hello

She was the first woman Goodman had ever fallen in love with, he wrote. When she told him she was pregnant, he was 36 years old. In the year 1981, she gave birth to their son, James William Goodman.

Goodman wrote to the Daily Mail that still life, however, was not as happy as it should have been. He added that tragically, it got to a place where being with Lesley was only outside the realm of possibilities for him, and she was unable to stand being with him, all things considered.

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