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Who is Sochuma Sande Sontiki and Why is Her Father in Limelight?

Sochuma Sande Sontiki
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Sochuma Sontiki Sande Sontiki died when she was 22 years old. She was born on March 27, 2000. Her birthplace, however, remains unknown.

Sochuma Sande Sontiki

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Who is Sochuma Sande Sontiki?

Sochuma Sande Sontiki was a well-known freshman. She passed away on December 1, 2022. She was identified as Thanduxolo Sontiki’s daughter. He was posthumously given a Bachelor of Arts degree, which she considered a significant academic achievement. Sochuma Sande surprised everyone. However, nothing is said about what happened to her, and her cause of death remains unknown. She died when she was 22 years old. She died on December 1, 2022, yet her death is still making the rounds on the internet.

Why is Her Father in Limelight?

Sochuma Sande Sontiki was Thanduxolo Sontiki’s daughter. She passed away on December 1, 2022. Many people were shocked to learn of her passing, and the topic is still trending on social media. However, the reason for her death is not disclosed on the Internet. Many people are interested in learning more about her terrible demise at such a young age. However, Sochuma Thanduxolo, Sande Sontiki’s father, is in the spotlight because he attended a graduation ceremony at Nelson Mandela University and got a graduation degree for his late daughter Sochuma. Sochuma finished with a bachelor’s degree in arts from there. Her father attended the Faculty of Humanities session and received his later daughter’s diploma.

What did the Father Say?

A video has been circulating on the internet; where the father is receiving his late daughter’s graduation certificate. It is indeed very emotional. However, there is no information regarding the profession of Sochuma Thanduxolo. Besides that, we also don’t know whether Sochuma Sande Sontiki has other siblings or not. “It was a mixed bag of emotions and feelings yesterday [Thursday].

Sochuma Sande Sontiki Story

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” We went there to get her findings, and it was painful to watch parents celebrating their children’s accomplishments with them,” he added. He stated that as a family, they all thought that the children who were graduating were enjoying the hard work of their years at university, which parents were expected to enjoy with their daughters. “Unfortunately, it was the opposite… it was extremely difficult, especially as I approached the stage.” “It was quite difficult if you could see me in the queue. All of the students, the graduates getting their diplomas, were dressed in gowns. I was the only one who wasn’t dressed up. If she was here, she would have worn the gown.

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