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Nicholas Alahverdian: His Story, Origin, And Crimes, And His Current Whereabouts

Nicholas Ahlaverdian: His Story, Origin, And Crimes, And His Current Whereabouts

Adjectives might fall short of describing the tale of this serial sex offender named Nicholas Alahverdian, who also goes by the aliases Nicholas Rossi and Arthur Knight.

It’s bewildering beyond words what crimes this man has committed. His actions and crimes are chronicled in NBC’s “Dateline: Dead Man Talking.”

He reportedly faked his death before he fled to Europe to avoid incarceration due to unrelated criminal charges framed against him in 2020. 

Nicholas Alahverdian and his early life 

The Alahverdians were once a happy family. Unfortunately for Nicholas, he just reconnected with his home’s turbulent, broken, and abusive phase before he was placed in foster care, as there was no choice.

He spent most of his formative teen years as a ward in Rhode Island, as his parents could not take care of him. This resulted from their prevailing issues, which severely affected his mental health.

By the time he found himself, he was already suffering from and being diagnosed with behavioral ailments like narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Growing up in foster care, he didn’t receive the best educational opportunities, or the care required for a normal human being. Yet this deprivation didn’t let it carry away his voice against the system of the State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).

He alleges that he was physically, mentally, and sexually assaulted there and realized that he had to speak up for things to change. He wanted long-term change in the system.

Certain reports state that he was 14 when he first shared his endeavors. Incidents he endured in the programs and shelter to the lawyers. But years passed, and the same things continued.

This early experience of his life helped him evolve into a dedicated child welfare activist while he started partaking in the politics of Rhode Island and served as a state case worker.

Though the narrative he tried to build around him became questionable as things started to change in 2008, it came to light that he, too, could be as dark as he alleged his past was.

This was said because there were no actual records of him ever being abused, but reports surfaced that he used to abuse others.

Some of those accusations include the groping of a Sinclair Community College student in 2008, the assault of his partner in 2010, and physically hurting his wives.

Nicholas Ahlaverdian: His Story, Origin, And Crimes, And His Current Whereabouts

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Nicholas Alahverdian current whereabouts 

While growing up in foster care, he adopted the surname Rosis after his adoptive father’s name. He frantically tried to avoid legal trouble when 2020 arrived, and he tried to fake his death.

In January 2020, he announced that he had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (a type of cancer), only to succumb to disease-related complications like heart disease on February 29th, 2020.

Even though someone who claimed to be his loving wife openly grieved her loss, it wasn’t enough to prevent the Rhode Island State Police from questioning the authenticity of his alleged illness and death by July 2020. 

Their suspicion was right, as the authorities could track Nicholas to Glasgow, Scotland. Where he was now living under the name Arthur Knight, he was caught and arrested while receiving treatment for COVID-19 at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The things that gave away his identity were his many tattoos and scars all over, which ultimately led to his downfall. From other reports, it was learned that he got bail within 10 days but was re-arrested for missing a court hearing without prior notice in the early months of 2022. 

He has vigorously maintained that he is not Nicholas and wasn’t associated with Nicholas in any way, shape, appearance, or form, though no legal body in the US or the UK believed it.

They were all waiting for him to make a mistake and finally nab him, and he finally did it. It came to light that he had threatened NHS staff while hospitalized for his genuine health failure in the summer months of 2022.

He was convicted and fined £400. So it can be said that Nicholas, aged 35, is facing jail time in Edinburgh prison. In the meantime, he was fighting extradition to Utah to face his rape charges, rooted in a 2008 incident.

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