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Is Manuel Turizo in a Relationship? Who is Manuel Turizo Girlfriend?

Manuel Turizo Girlfriend

Manuel Turizo is a popular Colomnian singer. Manuel Turizo began his music career at the age of 13.

Manuel Turizo rose to fame with his song “Una lady como tu” (2016).

On 23 August 2019, Manuel Turizo released his eponymous debut studio album “ADN”.

In 2022 the famous song of Manuel Turizo is “La Bachata”.

In 2021, Manuel Turizo released his second album “Dopamina”. On 17 March 2023, Manuel Turizzo release his third album “2000”.

In 2016, Manuel Turizo released debut single “Vámonos”.

In 2023, Manuel Turizo release “El Merengue” song.

In 2022, Manuel Turizo released “Vacaciones”, “Los Cachos”, “De 100 a 0”, “Mal de Amor”, and “Éxtasis” songs.

As a featured artist, Manuel Turizzo released some songs like “Déjala Que Vuelva”, “Despacio”, “Bésame”, and “Pa Olvidarte (Remix)”.

Manuel Turizo also released many songs like “Una Vaina Loca”, “Maldita Foto”, “Resaca”, “Amor en Coma”, “Te Olvido”, “Mala Costumbre”, “Quiéreme Mientras Se Pueda”, “Pegao”, “La Nota”, “Te Quemaste”, Aleluya”, “Esclavo de Tus Besos”, “Sola” and more.

Manuel Turizo height

How old is Manuel turizo?

Manuel Turizo’s full name is Manuel Turizo Zapata. Manuel Turizo’s age is 23 years. Manuel Turizo’s date of birth is 12 April 2000. Manuel Turizo’s nationality is Colomian.

Manuel Turizo was born to his parents Diana Marcela Zapata and Carlos Santiago Turizo in Montería, Cordoba, Colombia. Manuel Turizo has a sibling whose name is Julián Turizo.

Who is Manuel Turizo Girlfriend?

Manuel Turizzo is an unmarried person. Currently, Manuel Turizo is not in any relationship. Manuel Turizo is not dating anyone yet.

According to some sources, Manuel Turizzo’s girlfriend was Joselina Sorza. Manuel and Joselina Sorza started dating each other in 2019 and parted ways after some time.

But there is no confirmation as to when the two entered into a relationship and when they ended their relationship. Manuel Turijo was not in any relationship before this.

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