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How did Koka Da Doll Die? Koka Da Doll star of Kokomo City shot dead

How did Koka Da Doll Die? Koka Da Doll star of Kokomo City shot dead

Rasheeda Williams, popularly known as Koka Da Doll, was shot on 18th April 2023. She was just 35 years old, and she passed away in Atlanta.

This news is a great shock for his family and friends. Many of his friends and those who knew him paid tribute to her. 

Who was Koko Da Doll? 

Koka Da Doll, her real name is Rasheeda Williams. She was a transgender actress and was very popular in Kokomo City for her brilliant and extraordinary performance. Being an actress, she was also a rapper. She even released her album in January 2022, named Bulletproof. 

She gained popularity when she first appeared in the documentary film Kokomo City, released in 2013. She played a major role in the documentary.

The documentary was all about the lives of four black trans sex workers, and they were forced to face the differences between the black community and themselves.

After her death, the director of Kokomo City, D. Smith, said she used to encourage everyone and bring positive vibes to her room. Her story was so worthwhile that she would have inspired the world. She always used to tell people that life is beautiful.

How did Koka Da Doll Die? Koka Da Doll star of Kokomo City shot dead

Image Source – The Mirror

Cause of Death

Koko Da Doll, an Atlanta woman, was popular for her work in the documentary file. It is claimed that she was shot and killed in Atlanta on April 18, 2023. 

Police are busy investigating what exactly happened that led her to death. The director of Kokomo City claimed that she became the last victim of violence against Black transgender women. 

What happened to Koko Da Doll?

Kilya Williams and other relatives told the police that she appeared to be shot on Wednesday after leaving the Atlanta apartment complex. Her body was found on the sideway near the mall across the busy street. 

Atlanta police said on Friday that they were investigating whether Koko was shot or just died because of something else. Then they came to know that earlier this year, only two other transgender women were found dead and were classified as hate crimes. 

It is also claimed that Koko had become the victim of the violence against Black transgender women. And that’s why she was shot*+ dead. But this is not yet confirmed, and no particular reason is given related to her death. 

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