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How did French voice actor Sylvain Lemarié die? Cause of Death

Sylvain Lemarie Death

Sylvain Lemarie is a well-recognized actor. Recently voice actor Sylvain died on 20 April 2023. When Sylvain Lemari died, he was 71 years old.

Sylvain Lemarie was popular for voicing a wide range of characters in many movies, TV shows, video games, and animated series.

Who is Sylvain Lemarié?

Sylvain Lemarie was well recognized for his voice for Java in the animated series “Martin Mystère” (1 October 2003–27 March 2006).

Sylvain Lemarie was born on 2nd September 1952. Sylvain Lemery was famous for his dubbing work. Sylvain Lemarie was the voice of such popular personalities as Dan Lauria, Ron Perlman, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jonathan Goldstein, James Remar, Clancy Brown, and Robert Dewey.

Sylvain Lemarie Age

Sylvain Lemarie voiced various characters from some video games, including Crash Bandicoot, Jak II: Outlaw, Borderlands, Mortal Kombat, and more.

Sylvain Lemarie was famous for voicing the Redguards in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

As an actor, Sylvain Lemarie appeared in many plays such as Le Roi Cerf, Les Miserables, Life is a Dream, Hamlet, and Sacred Thursdays!!.

Sylvain Lemarie also presented many plays such as The Return of Ulysses, The Imaginary Invalid, Agathe the Blouse, The Doctor in spite of Himself, Andersen after Andersen, Blue Fantasy, Andersen 2, and more.

Sylvain Lemarie also acted in many movies and tv shows, including Breach of Trust, La Brune, Turner, Catherine, No Comment, Le Gerfaut, The Day Everything Changed, La Comtesse de Charny, and more.

How did French voice actor Sylvain Lemarié die?

The news of Sylvain Lemery’s death has come to the fore recently. Sylvain Lemery died on 20 April 2023 at the age of 71.

Sylvain Lemery’s fans want to know the cause of his death, but the cause of Sylvain Lemery’s death is yet to be known.

On the death of Sylvain Lemery, many people expressed their grief on social media platforms, saying that they will always remember Sylvain’s jokes and humor.

Destiny 2 member Junior Harris posted a Facebook tribute to Sylvain Lemery:

“RIP French voice actor for Saint 14 Sylvain Lemarie Titans never fall we rise in spirit and glory I shall also hold my shield up high until we all meet you again, as the pigeons fly my talons will be strong as know foe will stand in my way of my sharp talons rise now titan hold your head up commander for we are one and one for all titans stand stand fast.”

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