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A Top Justice Department Lawyer Collaborated With Hunter Biden’s Counsel

Hunter Biden's attorneys

Hunter Biden’s attorneys will meet with US Attorney David Weiss and a top Justice Department official to discuss the continuing investigation against President Joe Biden’s son.

Hunter Biden's attorneys


 It Concerns the Hunter Biden Case:

On Wednesday, a lawyer for the unidentified whistleblower wrote to senators and inspectors general from the ministries of Justice and Finance. The protected disclosures, according to Nixon Peabody attorney Mark Lytle, “indirectly imply that apparent conflicts of interest are not mitigated in the final handling of the case” and “contradict the sworn testimony of a senior political appointee to Congress.”

They also “describe preferential treatment and politics inappropriately infecting decisions and protocols that professional law enforcement professionals would normally follow in similar circumstances if the subject had no political connection” US Attorney David Weiss, a Trump administration holdover, oversees the Hunter Biden inquiry. The lawyer seeks legal protection to share the material with Congress. Tax information usually is safe.  a Call to Arms 2020 spent years attempting to get financial details on Hunter Biden, who had a lucrative board seat at Ukrainian oil firm Burisma.

When questioned about a story that an IRS whistleblower had come forward to suggest that politics had impacted the inquiry into Hunter Biden’s taxes, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answered short Thursday. “I want to be clear about this. When questioned about the investigation against President Joe Biden’s son, Jean-Pierre said, The president upholds the rule of law and the Justice Department’s independence.

A Meeting of Attorneys is Planned:

Hunter Biden’s attorneys will meet with US Attorney David Weiss and a top Justice Department official to discuss the continuing investigation against President Joe Biden’s son. The legal team sought an update and was invited to the meeting the following week. Weiss is in charge of a criminal investigation against Hunter Biden. Prosecutors are still debating whether to press charges for failing to submit taxes, tax evasion, and making a false statement about a weapons transaction. Hunter Biden has not been accused nor denied any misconduct. The meeting comes after an IRS agent contacted Congress with details on the inquiry.

To address the ongoing investigation of the president’s son, Hunter Biden’s attorneys will reportedly meet with US Attorney David Weiss and at least one senior career official from the Justice Department’s headquarters next week. The Hunter Biden legal team had recently sought an update on the matter, and they were asked to meet next week, as is customary.

Weiss, nominated by former President Donald Trump, is responsible for the criminal investigation investigating President Joe Biden’s son. While prosecutors limited the potential charges against Hunter Biden last year, there have been no public developments since then. According to sources familiar with the case, prosecutors are still debating whether to pursue two misdemeanor charges for failing to submit taxes, one count of felony tax evasion for overreporting costs, and a false statement charge relating to a gun purchase.

The Justice Department refused to comment, as did a representative for the United States Attorney’s Office in Delaware. Hunter Biden has been cleared of all charges and has repeatedly denied any misconduct. The conference is set when the Hunter Biden legal investigation resurfaces after an IRS supervisory special agent contacted Congress, claiming to know about possible criminal behavior involving the Biden family. The unnamed agent allegedly made the allegations in a letter to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley and Republican Representative Jim Jordan.

According to the letter, the agent had “first-hand knowledge” of probable criminal behavior involving Hunter Biden, his father, and other Biden family members. The agent further claimed that their superiors told them to “ignore the potential criminal activity” and that their objections were rejected. The letter has spurred debate and requests for more inquiry, with Grassley and Jordan requesting the Justice Department to intervene. However, it is unclear if the allegations in the letter are genuine or whether they will have any bearing on the current inquiry against Hunter Biden.

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