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Who is Janet Von Schmeling? What happened between Drake Bell and Janet Von ?

Who is Janet Von Schmeling? What happened between Drake Bell and Janet Von ?

Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling had a five-year private romance that ended in a secret marriage, a child, and a divorce.

Who is Janet Von Schmeling?

Janet Von Schmeling has starred in television shows like Painting Autumn. She was born on June 1, 1994. According to reports, Schmeling also produced the 2017 video series Murder Mystery Stories.

Daytona Beach Police Department has reported Drake Bell missing in Florida, a former Nickelodeon star and musician.

The actor was last seen in a gray 2022 BMW, according to police in Daytona Beach. Deputy Chief Carrie McCallister from the Daytona Police Department said that information about the incident would be released soon.

The suspect was possibly seen just before 9 p.m. local time in the area of Mainland High School. It is believed that he is missing and in danger.

Who is Janet Von Schmeling? What happened between Drake Bell and Janet Von ?

Image Source – Geo TV

Janet Von Schmeling, Drake Bells’ spouse

The public figure Janet Von Schmeling has recently gained notice for her acting skills and association with Drake Bell. Jeremy, Bell’s son, is 28 years old, and they live in Florida.

She has featured in Hollywood movies such as Just Jenna, BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories, Painting Autumn, and many others. A secret dating relationship existed between Schmeling and Bell for five years. Their son Jeremy is their only child. 

His tweet on June 30, 2021, revealed that the 36-year-old had secretly united Schmeling three years ago and spoke about their son Jeremy. As a result of incorrect rumors, she stated, “I am a mother of a wonderful son, and my husband and I have been married for almost 3 years.”.

I would like to thank all my fans globally for their support.

Drake Bell’s wife, Janet, filed for divorce after he disappeared.

Several years ago, the Daytona Beach Police Department confirmed that Drake Bell, former Nickelodeon star and musician, had been reported missing. When Janet Von Schmeling heard this news, she filed for divorce from Drake Bell.

 On April 13, police announced they were searching for Bell on Facebook. However, he was found and safe by the afternoon. It is because of her child’s custody that she is divorcing. 

In the document, Von Schmeling also asks for physical and legal custody of their infant and spousal support. Von Schmeling, for her side, did not publicly address her husband. This may lead to her husband getting into trouble.

They kept their relationship mostly private until their final decision was made. Despite going their separate ways, they continued sharing moments with their lovely son through social media.  

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