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Who Is Dide? Premier League Rapper Dide Is The Masked Man

Dide; image credit- BBC

Dide’s appearance as a masked, enigmatic rapper stunned the music industry. The musician just debuted the official music video for his song “Thrill,” which has amassed more than 600 000 views on YouTube. Social media was shocked to see football mentioned in his posts.


Dide; image credit- The Mirror

Dide: The Masked Rapper

Thousands of admirers naturally began to inquire about the true nature of the masked rapper as the hit went viral. On February 6th, 2023, Dide advertised himself as a “Rapper at home & Footballer on the Pitch” on his Instagram account. This led to widespread speculation that Dide might have been a well-known Premier League player. Learn more about the rumored identity of the famous rapper in this article. Many hypotheses contend that Dide is a Premier League soccer player whose identity is still unknown, thanks in part to his Instagram posts.

Football Players Debut Rap With Dide

On February 15th, he appeared to corroborate this in another communication. A football player from the Premier League releases his debut rap freestyle video using the alias Dide. An Intro Freestyle video was included, which is also accessible on YouTube. Another hint that has fans going bonkers is that the winning team he plays for is mentioned in the lyrics of the song Thrill. The choices may then be reduced to Arsenal, Manchester City, and perhaps, just perhaps, Manchester United if we closely examine the Premier League rankings.

If we continue the detective game, it has been established that the Thrill music video was filmed in London. Clubs like Chelsea, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Tottenham, and of course, Arsenal get new opportunities as a result. Bukayo Saka, Noni Madueke, and Wilfried Zaha have all been suggested as potential names for rappers in this category. However, Eddie Nketiah of Arsenal continues to be the front-runner to one day show up and admit he is Dide in every argument between celebs and fans. Producers, singers, athletes, and fans are all in agreement that the 23-year-old striker is identifiable by his voice and physical attributes.

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