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Who Got Retained In The Marc Despain Murder-for-Hire Case? Before the Id Fatal Vow, Some Details Get Investigated

Who were arrested in Marc Despain's murder

The father-daughter team of Marc Despain’s wife Michelle and father-in-law Carl was among the four people detained in connection with his murder-for-hire shooting killing in August 2011.

Who were arrested in Marc Despain's murder1


What has happened to Marc Despain?

Marc, a parent and businessman from Jonesboro was discovered shot twice at his home. His longtime wife, Michelle Despain, was the first to discover the murder scene and call 911. The two, along with the hired criminals Terrance Barker and Johnny Hubbard, were found to be responsible for the murder thanks to a critical tip, phone records, and damning texts sent between Michelle and her father.

The four people detained for the murder entered guilty pleas to their respective counts and received significant prison terms.

This Thursday, April 20, 2023, a new episode of ID’s Fatal Vows will focus on Marc Despain’s murder. The Ties That Bind episode is slated to run on the network at 7 PM ET.

Death by Gunshot of Marc Despain:

Marc Despain’s wife, Michelle Despain, a mother from Jonesboro, pled guilty to three charges of obstructing an investigation into his death in August 2011. She reached a plea agreement in April 2014 to avoid being charged with capital murder, and a few months later, she was given a 30-year jail term.

According to reports, Michelle and her father, Carl Kelley, were charged with planning to murder Marc, 34, who was shot and died on August 24, 2011, at his house at 4320 Jenni Lane. Terrance Barker and Johnny Hubbard, two hired hitmen, were also detained concerning the shooting killing. Each of the three guys entered a guilty plea for a different offense. Terrance Barker and Carl Kelley were each given a 35-year jail term after entering guilty pleas to their respective first-degree murder counts. Johnny Hubbard was sentenced to 18 years in jail plus 40 years for obstructing arrest and revoking probation on a previous narcotics offense.

Phone records show that Michelle and her father spoke on the phone often, including many times on the day of the murder. The majority of such texts were removed that day. Carl Kelley was allegedly giving play-by-play directions to someone during the murder, according to Barker’s version to the police. According to police, his confession was supported by phone records.

Michelle Despain was meant to erase a text discovered on her phone, but Jonesboro police used it to crack the case. Terrance Barker reportedly promised to testify against anybody accused of taking part in the shooting death of Marc Despain. Michelle and her father are accused of organizing the murder-for-hire scheme and contacting Hubbard and Barker with a cash promise in exchange for killing Marc Despain. The two plotted it for their benefit, including their desire to get insurance payouts after the victim’s death.

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