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What You Should Know About Aleasha Sullivan’s Death Cause?

Aleasha Sullivan's Death Cause
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A youthful West Nation couple, viewed as dead at home by police, had both passed on from various regular causes, an examination has heard. When Joshua Sandercock, 30, and Aleasha Sullivan, 32, were found dead at their flat in Holcombe, Devon, on 21st October of the year 2021, a major investigation was launched.

Aleasha Sullivan Is No More

Even though the couple were both discovered dead at the same time in the same location, the extensive investigation concluded that there was no evidence to suggest any connection between the two deaths following a post-mortem examination. Devon Live reports that Aleasha had a domestic violence protection order against Joshua after he was accused of assaulting her.

Aleasha Sullivan's Death Cause

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A welfare concern was raised by Aleasha’s support worker after she was informed that she had not been seen or heard from since October 12 and that police were called to her home, and she was officially revealed missing to police on October 21. That morning, officers went to her house, and when they didn’t hear anything, they saw a body against the door through the letterbox.

It was discovered that Aleasha had been dead for several days after the break-in. While looking through the maisonette, police then, at that point, found the assemblage of Joshua in the lounge higher up, likewise perished.

Aleasha’s Family Pays Her Tribute

A tribute written by Aleasha’s family after her death read that she was a beautiful, free-spirited young woman who was adored by many and will be missed every day. It also said that Aleasha was a loving friend to everyone she met as well as a mother, daughter, sister, niece, and auntie and she never neglected to illuminate and live with her splendid and effervescent character.

Aleasha’s devastated family stated that she made friends with everyone and was well-known in the Teignmouth and Dawlish regions. They added that Aleasha was cherished by quite a few people and was an entertaining, mindful, benevolent soul.a

Her family started a GoFundMe page, which has so far raised more than £2,500 for her funeral. An investigation at Plymouth Coroners Court on Thursday (April 20), heard police at first regarded it as a potential crime location until clinical assessments of their bodies uncovered they had both passed on from regular causes freely of one another.

Workspace legal pathologist Dr Deborah Cook reasoned that Aleasha, a mum who was brought into the world in Torquay, had passed on from pneumonic thromboembolism – blood coagulation in her lungs.

She had needle marks on her body, and toxicology tests showed that she had taken heroin before she died, but the level found at the time of the post-mortem examination was not linked to any deaths. However, it was not thought to be the cause of her death.

Doctor Reports Said She Was Assaulted

Dr Cook went on to say that her body had not shown any signs of trauma that would suggest a physical assault or a fall down the stairs. Mike Bird, the assistant coroner for south Devon, addressed the family, saying that she was considering where the investigation began and the fact that two people were discovered in the same location at the same time, she can imagine that it is quite a surprising conclusion for the family.

After a thorough investigation, there is no evidence to suggest Aleasha died from anything other than a natural cause. The initial and natural thought was that the two deaths were related.

According to Aleasha’s medical records, she has a history of drug dependency, mental health issues, and leg clotting issues that can be exacerbated by intravenous drug use. It was additionally heard that in the course of her life, she had confronted social and family challenges and had been presented with medications, brutality and an oppressive way of behaving.

Aleasha Sullivan's Death Cause

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She had spent some time in prison and developed an addiction to heroin and other intravenous drugs throughout her life. However, she was said to be motivated to improve her situation, overcome her problems, and settle down in a supportive relationship, and she was utilizing support services.

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