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Is Charly Arnolt married? Who is Charly Arnolt Husband?

Charly Arnolt Husband
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Charly Arnolt is a famous American sports broadcaster as well as a television personality for ESPN.

Charly Arnolt is well-recognized for her tenure as a sportscaster as well as ring announcer with WWE (2016-2021), where she knew under the ring name Charly Caruso.

Currently, Charly Arnolt Stephen A. Smith and Molly serve as backup hosts and moderators on ESPN’s First Take alongside Kerim.

In 2010, Charly Arnolt began her career with WSAZ-TV as a reporter. After that, Charly worked as a freelance reporter for WXIN “Fox 59”. In 2011, Charly joined WDAF-TV “FOX 4” where Charly worked for two years.

In September 2018, Charly joined ESPN. On July 9, 2022, Charly Arnolt debuted as a fight interviewer at UFC on ESPN: Dos Anjos vs. Fizzive.

Charly Arnolt Age


How old is Charly from WWE?

Charly Arnolt’s age is 35 years. Charly Arnolt’s date of birth is 14 July 1987. Charly Arnolt was born to her parents in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Charly Arnolt’s height is 1.57 m. Charly Arnolt did her studies at North Central High School and American University. Charly Arnolt is Italian American.

Who is Charly Arnolt Husband/Boyfriend?

Charly Arnolt’s marital status is unmarried. Charly Arnolt is never a husband.

Charly Arnolt is in a relationship. Charly Arnolt husband/boyfriend’s name is Shawn Booth.

Charly Arnolt has been dating Sean Booth for a while now and the pair are still together.

Is Charly Arnolt still with WWE?

Charly Arnolt’s friend, future All Elite Wrestling co-owner Tony Khan and the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars invited him to a WWE SmackDown show in Indianapolis in 2016.

When Brandi Rhodes decided to leave WWE in May 2016, a way was found and Charly Arnault joined WWE.

Charly Arnolt adopted the name Charly Caruso after joining WWE Mr. In 2016, Charly started her career as a ring announcer for WWE NXT. After that, it didn’t take long for Charly to interview WWE Superstars, build the main roster, and host events, segments, and shows on WWE YouTube, USA Network, WWE social media, or WWE Network.

Charly Arnolt is exited from WWE in 2021. Charly decides not to re-sign with WWE.

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