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How Did Scott Joye Die? Scott Joy, a Prominent Attorney in Myrtle Beach Is No More

How Did Scott Joye Dies

Scott Joy, a prominent attorney in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, passed away on April 19, 2023. The news has sent the community and legal community into a state of grief. 15th Circuit Attorney Jimmy Richardson and his team have expressed sadness at the loss of Scott Joy, and those who knew him will feel the impact of his death.

Scott Joye


Who is Scott Joy?

Scott Joye was a highly respected member of his recently deceased Horry and Georgetown County Bar. He was a well-known defense attorney and partner at Joy Napier Risher & Hardin LLC in Murrell’s Inlet and was highly regarded. Scott was also known for his love of the outdoors and often hosted fish roasts to showcase his latest catch. He organized his annual fish fry for law enforcement at his inlet at Murrells and invited law enforcement from Holly and Georgetown counties to join in and enjoy fellowship.

Scott has a solid legal background, having worked as a former legal secretary for Honorary Circuit Judge Sidney Floyd and as a former assistant attorney for the 14th Circuit Attorney’s Office before practicing as a private attorney in Inlet. He was a regular visitor to his Memorial to his United Methodist Church in Bellin and was well known in the community of courts and his inlet in Murrells. All who knew him personally and professionally will greatly miss Scott Joy.

How Did Scott Joye Die?

The sudden and unexpected death of prominent attorney Scott His Joy on April 19, 2023, left Myrtle Beach’s legal and broader community shocked and heartbroken. It is essential to wait for official confirmation before accepting anything. Scott Joy was respected and admired by many, but his unexpected death left a void in the minds of those who knew him personally and professionally. During these difficult times, to extend our condolences and support to Scott Joy’s family, friends, and colleagues and honor his memory by reflecting on his impact on our communities and the legal profession. Is important. 

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