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Fashion Designer Isaiah Bass Goes Missing: Where Is Isaiah Bass Now?

Fashion Designer Isaiah Bass Goes Missing: Where Is Isaiah Bass Now?

The giant Balenciaga invited Houston-based fashion designer Isaiah Bass to fly to Paris. Bass went missing after arriving in Paris. In his complaint, he claimed that the company had stolen his design. An Isaiah mannequin was spotted at Balenciaga’s storefront, according to reports.

Who was Isaiah Bass?

As a famous fashion designer and TikTok star from Houston, U.S., Isaiah Bass received much attention for his designs. TikTok, Instagram, and others are social media platforms where he often shares his work.

This helped him gain many followers, enabling him to develop into a fashion influencer. As a freelancer, Isaiah usually created his designs. He also worked on a contractual basis for some big brands.

Fashion Designer Isaiah Bass Goes Missing: Where Is Isaiah Bass Now?

Image source – Ox gaps

What Happened to fashion designer Isaiah Bass?

Balenciaga was accused of stealing Isaiah recent design ideas by Houston-based fashion designer Isaiah. He always got well-deserved recognition for his unique designs. His designs, however, were allegedly stolen by Balenciaga.

Isaiah Bass created a video, and an email was sent to Balenciaga informing them of the issue. Afterward, he was invited to visit Balenciaga’s store in Paris. Soon after, Isaiah Bass disappeared.

His current location is unknown. The Houston police are reportedly seeking him. Some netizens have speculated that Balenciaga might have been involved in Isaiah Bass’ disappearance.

Isaiah Bass was reportedly seen as a black mannequin at a Balenciaga Paris storefront. According to netizens, the black fashion designer had been turned into a mannequin for a Balenciaga collection.

It has since been reported that Balenciaga turned Isaiah Bass into a mannequin after he accused the fashion brand of stealing his designs.

Isaiah Missing Balenciaga Scandal

It has raised suspicions and concerns that the African-American designer Isaiah has disappeared after accusing Balenciaga of stealing his designs.

Balenciaga invited Bass to Paris, but he vanished shortly after making a video claiming his designs were stolen.

A mannequin in a Balenciaga store window display in Paris, wearing a jacket reportedly designed by Bass, may still be on display. Despite efforts to hide the story from the public, social media has picked up the story.

Bass’ disappearance came after Balenciaga offered him a partnership and apologized for his disappearance.

This story has exposed broader issues of exploitation and appropriation, particularly in the fashion industry for designers of color. There is a growing demand for answers and justice for Bass’ family and supporters.

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