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After he been spared from death three times, death row inmate Richard Glossip Oklahoma murder’s conviction might be overturned.

richard glossip oklahoma

An Oklahoma court on Thursday denied Richard Grossip, a death row inmate pleading not guilty to a contract that killed his former boss at an Oklahoma City motel in 1997. The Oklahoma Criminal Appeals has ruled Glossip’s fifth post-conviction relief application to avoid the execution scheduled for May 18, other than an appeal by the U.S. Supreme Court or a governor’s pardon. Rejected.

richard glossip


Official court Statement:

“This case has been thoroughly investigated and has been appealed on numerous occasions,” the court wrote in its ruling. “His new motion contains no additional information that would allow this court to overturn his conviction.” Oklahoma attorney Gentner Drummond petitioned the court to reconsider Grossip, alleging that a key state witness, a janitor named Justin Snead, lied about his mental health and drug use. Bottom.

Death row inmate even Oklahoma Republicans fighting to save him:

This does not mean, the official said, that I think Glossip is innocent. Given everything I know about this case, I don’t think putting a guy to death based on a tainted witness’ evidence is doing justice.

Attorneys for Glossip criticised the decision. Don Knight stated in a statement to The Independent that it was improper for the court to try to force the State to carry out Mr. Glossip’s execution since “the State now agrees that the only witness to alleged.” “We will petition the US Supreme Court for review of this blatantly unjust ruling because we cannot allow this long-standing injustice to go unchallenged.” 

Allies highlight problems with the case, including as the absence of tangible or eyewitness evidence connecting Glossip to Van Treese’s heinous murder. Additionally, the jury was not informed of the police’s forceful and possibly forced questioning of Sneed, who afterwards boasted to his fellow prisoners that he had committed the crime of his own free will and not, as the police claim, under Glossip’s command. 

Snead, the primary source of evidence in the state lawsuit, appeared to have considered changing his beliefs at various points in letters to his lawyers in 2003. “Doing it once, repeating testimony at any time in your life, or something like that.”

Reid Smith’s attorney, Stan Perry, said in June, “A reasonable jury, given the complete record and the facts exposed, would not have convicted Richard Grossip of murder.” said. Glossip’s execution has been postponed, including an incident in which he nearly used the wrong mixture of lethal injectable drugs by state officials in 2015. The mix-up was part of a series of mistakes that caused the state to suspend executions for nearly seven years. 

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