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A Suspect in a Random Stabbing in Glendale has been Apprehended

Suspect arrested for random Glendale stabbing

Devontae Carter, according to police, suffered from schizophrenia and told them he only intended to attack his brother and the Glendale guy.

Suspect arrested for random Glendale stabbing1


Police have Arrested a Suspect:

A suspect has been apprehended after a man was assaulted with a knife at random last week. Davante Carter, 21, was connected to the incident after reportedly stabbing his younger brother last week. According to court documents, authorities were sent to a neighborhood around 57th Avenue and Bell Road on Wednesday. Someone said that Carter had stabbed his younger sibling with a giant sword. According to two witnesses, Carter went away covered in blood and brandishing a knife. Carter was detained when cops arrived, and his brother was brought to the hospital with knife wounds to his back and hand.

He is Accused of Injuring his Younger Brother:

Carter allegedly told investigators that he thought his brother was gossiping about him and planning to rape him. He claimed to have heard loud voices in his brain, prompting him to take a knife from the kitchen, although he later clarified to police that he did not want to murder his brother but rather stab him. According to the documents, Carter was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Authorities quickly started connecting the dots to a stabbing that occurred only a few homes away on Tuesday, April 11. Arizona’s Family met directly with the victim, in that case earlier this week. According to Steve Shaeffer, “I’m lucky,” Jason Barry, a reporter, said. “I had a guardian angel watching over me,” the sufferer said. “because it missed my spinal cord and everything inside by half an inch.”

Ring security footage from a neighbor’s home shows Schaeffer standing behind his vehicle when someone matching Carter’s description creeps up behind him and stabs him with a large knife. Schaeffer could go to a neighbor for assistance with the knife still in his back. Schaeffer identified Carter from a picture lineup after he was detained for allegedly stabbing his brother. Later, in another interview, Carter said he was embarrassed and was urged to commit suicide before informing police that he stabbed someone because his “family did not give a s***” about him.

Detectives questioned whether he would stab again on a scale of 0 to 10, with ten being certain. Carter assigned himself a “2.” According to court documents, Carter allegedly informed police that he knew he might have killed someone and inflicted suffering but “did not care.” He did, however, state that he could have cared if a victim died.

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