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Who is Astro MoonBin Sister, Moon Sua?

Who is Astro MoonBin Sister, Moon Sua?

Moon Sua was born on September 9, 1999, in South Korea. The South Korean musical studio and production company MYSTIC Story has partnered with the 23yrs old vocalist, rapper, MC, and writer.

She is part of a group, Billie, which consists of 7 more people. The Korean pop band made its official appearance back in November 2021. Moreover, Moon Sua is the younger sister of the late Korean pop artist Moonbin. 

Who was Moonbin?

Moonbin was a 25 years old professional model, dancer, and vocalist with the South Korean record company Fantagio. 

The young musician was formerly a K-pop group ASTRO member, including five other artists. ASTRO’s 3rd and latest record, Drive to The Starry Road, came out in May 2022.

Around 650 thousand people have listened to the trio on an ongoing basis on Spotify since their debut in February 2016.

Moon Bin died suddenly on April 19. he was found dead in his house in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. However, the reason for his demise has not yet been official. The artist was not responding to his manager, who promptly alerted the police. 

His condition indicates that he committed suicide. He had planned to make a comeback and conduct an audience convention trip. The event was on May 13, 2023. However, the organizers have officially said it is no longer happening.

Who is Astro MoonBin Sister, Moon Sua?

Image Source – The US Sun

Moon Sua’s Career:

Sua’s debut on Unpretty Rapstar2 was in 2015, and even though she failed to win the competition, she became famous.

Sua wasn’t a member of the BLACKPINK (girl group) that YG Entertainment planned to debut in 2016, despite being rumored to be a potential option.

In February 2020, she started her career as an associate with MYSTIC Rookie. In November 2021, she became part of Billie, who released their first record, The Village of Perception: Chapter One.

The band continues to put out songs, including The Collective Soul and Unconscious: Chapter One, Patbingsu, and The Billage of Perception: Chapters Two and Three. 

Moon Sua next participated in The Second World in August 2022, coming in fifth as the competition came to a finale in Nov of the same year. 

She starred in the music videos for Knock Out and Don’t Stop and made her debut as the upcoming MC for Show Champion with Tsuki and Nana. 

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