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Three persons, including Ty Reik McCullough were detained in connection with gunfire during a party gathering.

Three persons, including Ty Reik McCullough were detained in connection with gunfire during a party gathering.

On April 19 Wednesday, three youngsters and a man were arrested from Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio in Dadeville, as they were charged with 4 impulsive deaths at a birthday party night.

About the suspects 

The suspects are Ty Reik McCullough (age 17), Travis McCullough (age 16), and Wilson LaMar Hill Jr (age 20). it is being informed that all these suspects are brothers. The two teens are from Tuskegee.

The boys were taken in custody on Tuesday night, while Wilson got arrested on Wednesday. Their act took the lives of 4 innocent people and 32 people injured.

The tragedy occurred during the birthday party of a girl named Alexis Dowdel. 

A birthday cake that hasn’t been sliced and unlit candles are present. Allen held their hand off, “Alexis said as she got on her knees and cradled him. “He was simply bloody. “She continued shouting to him, ” Wake up, Phil.

The incident occurred on Saturday at the Mahogany Masterpiece Dancing Studio in Dadeville.

As the gunfire began, Alexis Dowdell stated her brother shoved her to the ground and saved her life. “I don’t know where I would be; I don’t know if I would still be standing here today if it hadn’t been for him.

The loss in the shooting case with major suspect Ty Reik McCullough

The victims of the deadly shooting were all under the age of 24. Mariah Collins, 19, Phil Dowdell, 18, Corbin Holston, 23, and Shaunkivia Smith, 17, were the victims.

The incident also injured 32 other persons. Four persons have remained in serious condition, and the accused will face more charges. One of them was a high school football player attending his sister’s birthday party.

According to the victim’s grandmother, the murdered child was Phil Dowdell, who was about to graduate in a few weeks and intended to attend Jacksonville State University on a football scholarship.

Mr. Sergist grew distraught as he broke the news, claiming that several of the dead were the children of old friends. But he would recall a panel to seek an indictment before September.

“We’re going to make sure that every victim, not just the deceased, get justice, “Even though they are 16 and 17 years old, we will prosecute them as adults.” Because children do not do the crime that they have committed.

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