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The Mandalorian: Find Out Everything About The Moff Gideon Clones

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian; image credit- The Digital Fix

Moff Gideon informs Brendol Hux that making clones is her passion in a prior episode of The Mandalorian. Moff Gideon is also preoccupied with clones, which is why he assigned Doctor Pershing the duty of making them and why he has been fixated on capturing and using Grogu as a test subject.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian; image credit- Reddit

The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon Clones

Din Djarin discovers a chamber full of tanks harboring Moff Gideon clones in The Mandalorian’s Season 3, Episode 8. Soon after one seems to awaken, Din floods the space, killing all of the Moff Gideon clones, presumably. However, the figures within the tanks weren’t exact replicas. As Gideon describes in classic Bond evil fashion. According to Moff Gideon, his clones were ultimately going to be ideal. The best aspects of the clones are enhanced by the addition of what he lacked. It was concentrating the ability to use The Force and turning it into a force that cannot be stopped.

The Mandalorian: Clones Made By Using Grogu’s Blood

Vats of hideous, dead clones were seen in the Imperial base on Nevarro in the season 2 episode “Chapter 12: The Siege”. Utilizing the blood sample that Dr. Pershing took from Grogu, these were the first attempts to clone Gideon; however, neither the clones’ ability to survive nor their capacity to be infused with the Force was successful. According to Dr. Pershing, these clone bodies refused the blood that was provided to them. To continue the experiments, more of Grogu’s blood was required, which is how Grogu ended up being apprehended in season 2. In addition, Dr. Pershing mentioned Grogu’s blood having a high M count or midi-chelonians.

The Mandalorian: Force Sensitive Gideon clones

Grogu possesses an extremely high midi-chlorian count, similar to Anakin Skywalker, which is why Gideon thought he might use Grogu’s blood to give his clones the ability to use the Force. Dr. Pershing’s methodology for this study is further described in the season 3 episode “Chapter 19: The Convert”. It is now obvious that he was attempting to produce Force-sensitive Gideon clones by stealing genetic traits from Gideon and Grogu. This clarifies why Elia Kane made sure Dr. Pershing was set up and had his mind erased by a mind flayer.

The New Republic was aware of the fundamental ideas behind Dr. Pershing’s study, but Gideon didn’t want them to know the entire scope of his cloning ambitions. It will never be known if the Gideon clones were capable of using the Force because Din annihilated them. Gideon made strides because these clones resembled him rather than the horrifying, lifeless clones from season 2. The clones most likely weren’t Force-sensitive even with the fresh batch of blood Gideon received from Grogu in season 2, as the Force isn’t something that can be easily transferred. Gideon added that the clones will eventually be ideal, not that they were.

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