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Moff Gideon: Does He Possess The Force? How About His Clone Army?

Moff Gideon
Source: ABC News

The major antagonist of The Mandalorian has always been Moff Gideon, who both Din Djarin and Grogu as well as the other Mandalorians have found difficult to deal with. Naturally, his true intentions were exposed during the events of The Mandalorian’s third season finale, when it was discovered that he was developing clones utilising Pershing’s knowledge and Grogu’s connection to the Force. Moff Gideon possessed the Force, then.

Moff Gideon required Grogu because he had never been Force-sensitive in the beginning. He created an army of clones with all of Grogu’s natural talents using the genetics of Grogu.

Moff Gideon Is Lacking In The Force

Moff Gideon has always been regarded as the most enigmatic character in The Mandalorian’s plot in terms of his overarching objectives and motivations. That’s because, despite the fact that his actions over the previous two seasons were clearly intended to obtain Grogu, they didn’t appear to be consistent with the objectives of the Empire. He employed the Dark Troopers to use the Beskar steel of the Mandalorians against them. Instead of attempting to cooperate with the other Imperials, he seemed to be striving to consolidate power for himself.

Staff Of Gideon

Of course, Gideon’s behaviour was in line with his personality, which made power his first priority. As a leader of the Imperials, we are aware of his wit, wisdom, and charisma. And in The Mandalorian, we witnessed him repeatedly demonstrating this.

Moff Gideon

Source: ABC News

Moff Gideon acknowledged that the Force was the one thing he was missing from becoming the most powerful being in the universe during the season 3 finale. The ability to be sensitive to the Force is something that must be innate; it cannot be acquired. All living things may contain the Force, but only those who are sensitive to it have the ability to wield it.

However, His Clone Did

Moff Gideon made sure he could disguise his lack of Force abilities by building an army of clones with his genetic make-up that were born or manufactured with the ability to use the Force.

Cloning Room

Everything that Moff Gideon did throughout the events of The Mandalorian finally makes sense at this point. To make his clones, he used Doctor Pershing and his fixation with Kaminoan cloning. But even so, he still needed to figure out how to grant them access to the Force, so it wasn’t the end of his needs.

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