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Max Scherzer ejection – Did Max Scherzer have Rosin on his glove?

Did Max Scherzer have Rosin on his glove?

A sticky substance was found on Max Scherzer hand and glove during Wednesday’s 5-3 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Buck Showalter announced after the game that Scherzer had rosin on his glove and was ejected. Scherzer is automatically suspended for 10 games if found to have violated the sticky substances rule. The suspension is appealable.

After the second inning, Scherzer, 38, said his hand had become clumpy from rosin and sweat, and the umpire, Phil Cuzzi, advised him to clean it with alcohol, which he did in front of MLB officials.

As Scherzer started the bottom of the third, he was checked again. Cuzzi said Scherzer’s hand appeared clean, but the gloves’ pockets were sticky, so he told him to use a new glove. As a result, Scherzer continued to pitch.

During the fourth inning, Cuzzi, Bellino, the crew chief, and Showalter checked Scherzer again. Scherzer was thrown from the game after a heated discussion.

Max Scherzer ejection - Did Max Scherzer have Rosin on his glove?

Image Source – Sporting News

Max Scherzer Statement After this Incident

A sticky substance on Max Scherzer’s hand caused him to be thrown out of Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A substance test was conducted on Scherzer between innings. Umpires closely examined his fingers. An animated conversation between the umpires led to the decision to toss Scherzer.

Reporters spoke to the right-handed pitcher after the game.

He said, My hand was clumpy after the second inning because it was rubbed with rosin. I was told by Phil (Cuzzi) to wash it off. After the third inning, I returned to the field. I washed it with alcohol, and it can get sticky in rosin for a while after I go back out there. So he said that was too sticky and that I needed to wash it off again and reapply rosin.

During the same time that I did that, he thought my glove had too much rosin on it. I replied, “OK, if that’s a problem, it won’t hurt anything.” He said you needed a new glove. After pitching the third, I knew I would be checked in the fourth. If I tried to do anything during that pitch, I would be an absolute idiot.

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