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Who was Maxine Klibingaitis Husband? How did Maxine Klibingaitis die?

Maxine Klebingitis Husband

Maxine Klebingitis was an Australian actress.

In 1983, Maxine Klebingitis made her acting debut with the “Home” tv series.

In 2013, Maxine Klebingitis last appeared in “The House Cleaner” series.

Maxine Klebingitis mostly worked in television series.

In 2009, Maxine Klebingitis acted in the “Boronia Boys” film.

Maxine Klebingitis also appeared in many television series such as Special Squad, The Flying Doctors, Family and Friends, Neighbours, Fields of Fire, Col’n Carpenter, Round the Twist, Hampton Court, Prisoner Queen – Mindless Music and Mirrorballs, Moonlight & Magic, Boronia Backpackers, Prisoner, and more.

Maxine Klebingitis Death


How did Maxine Klibingaitis die?

Maxine Klebingitis died suddenly on Monday, 17 April 2023. Maxine Clybingitis was 58 years old when she died. Maxine Klibingitis died in Melbourne, Australia. The cause of the death of Maxine Klebingitis is not yet known.

Fans, colleagues and relatives of Maxine Clybingitis have been paying tribute to Maxine through social media.

Who was Maxine Klibingaitis Husband?

Maxine Klibingaitis’s full name was Maxine Koran Klibingaitis. Maxine Klibingaitis’s date of birth is 17 May 1964. Maxine Klibingaitis was born to her parents in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. When Maxine Klibingaitis died, her age was 58 years.

Maxine Klibingaitis’s marital status was married. Maxine Klibingaitis husband was Andrew Friedman. He is an Australian director.

Maxine Klibingaitis and Andrew Friedman married in 1987. They have a son whose name is Zane Friedman.

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