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Who Is Willard Miller? Find Out Why Is He Arrested

Willard Miller
Willard Miller; image credit - New York Post

Willard Miller was claimed to be responsible for his Spanish teacher’s demise. First-degree slain charges have been brought against Jeremy Goodale as well as Willard Miller. Goodale and Miller attended the hearing. The trial for Godaale has been set for the following month, and Godaale has already agreed to testify against Miller. The inquiry determined that railway ties, a wheelbarrow and a tarp were used to assassinate her. Her head had been seriously hurt.

Willard Miller

Willard Miller; image credit – KGAN

Willard Miller’s Parents

Willard’s mother, Annalisa Clifford Gold, has come out in the investigation involving her son, Willard Miller, together with her husband. His mother, Annalisa, claims that while her son continue to be questioned, she has been misled by detectives. She had urged Willard to refrain from posing inquiries about her kid. To look into the matter and arrest Willard for slaying his Spanish teacher, the county officers came to his home. One year has passed since the incident. He was sixteen years old when the incident occurred. Nohema Graber was the name of the Spanish instructor. His mother Annalisa claims that the authorities misled her. Willard, she commanded them to halt their queries.

Willard Miller Is Accused Of Assassination

They continued to interview him and look into everything. According to the prosecution, they were not required to obtain her consent. Willard was picked up in the morning. The authorities initially put him at ease. Later, she claimed to have no knowledge of his son’s role in the case. At the Maharishi School, Willard was a student. The next stop was Fairfield High School. His parents made this admission during a hearing. He took Spanish the year before and studied it with the instructor, Nohema Graber, according to the hearing. Despite his previous strong performance, he failed to earn an A or B in the subject the year before.

Willard Miller To Receive 30 Year Life Sentence

His grade was sophomore. Later, his parents added that the police had not been informed of his arrest or involvement in the assassination. Tuesday morning saw the hearing for Willard. Two teenagers allegedly made their teacher look bad. William Miller may receive a 30-year term or a life sentence with the chance of parole, according to the prosecution. While Goodale, his companion, is reportedly facing a 25-year sentence or a life without parole sentence.

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