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Who is Sean Moyles? What is Sean Moyles Being Accused of?

Sean Moyles
Image source- CTV News

The owners of a popular café in Wortley Village that was destroyed in a fire over the weekend say they are “grateful and relieved” that London police have charged them with arson on Tuesday.

What Happened To Sean Moyles?

In a brief court appearance, the accused man claimed innocence and repeatedly inquired about his release date. Sunday morning, around 1:30 a.m., a fire broke out at the Black Walnut at 134 Wortley Rd., before directing the building to be demolished, where firefighters attempted to extinguish stubborn hotspots in the attic for nearly eight hours.

Sean Moyles

Image source- CTV News

On the same day that authorities declared the fire to be suspicious, 20-year-old Sean Moyles was detained. He was charged with arson causing property damage and arson with disregard for life. Later on Tuesday afternoon, Moyles appeared in court via video from the London police station.

Addressing the Judge, Moyles stated how do they supposed they will get delivered today and he did not want to go back to jail. During his five-minute appearance, Moyles swore and argued with a police cadet while wearing a long-sleeve shirt and dishevelled hair.

While arguing, he said that he didn’t do what was being said about him, despite the allegations put against him. He apologized before peace officer Susan Hoffman remanded him in custody until his court appearance that was there on 27th April. Right-hand Crown lawyer Shane Wright said he would look for a converse onus, meaning Moyle’s protection should contend why detainment isn’t legitimate.

What The Cafe Owners Said?

Mandy and Ed Etheridge, owners of Black Walnut, state that they were grateful and relieved that an arrest had been made. They also thanked the London police and in a text message to The Free Press, the siblings thanked one another for working so diligently and efficiently and making our streets a little bit safer.

It’s miserable to the point that you can construct something for quite a long time and somebody can simply remove it in only a couple of hours,” they said. They added that they were only concentrating on rebuilding and working with Cooperators, their insurer, to get back exactly what was taken.

Sean Moyles

Image source- PKB

The cafe, which the Etheridges opened in the year 2011, has become a landmark in the Old South neighbourhood. Their dad, who possesses the structure, lived in the higher-up condo yet was an extended get-away at the hour of the fire. During a Monday interview, the brother and sister discussed the fire’s aftermath and the strong community response.

It’s surreal when you first arrive at something like that, according to Ed Etheridge, who arrived at the scene on Sunday morning. They are also not overreacting emotionally. However at that point after a tad, it begins soaking in and it’s unbelievably close to home and miserable and irritating.

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