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Survivor Keith Nale Dies at 62 After A Long Battle From Cancer

Survivor Keith Nale Dies
Image source- Metro

Survivor contender Keith Nale, who contended in Survivor: Surviving San Juan del Sur: Cambodia, has passed on at 62 years old after a malignant growth fight.

Keith Nale Passes Away After Battle From Cancer

The two-time participant on Survivor, Keith Nale: Surviving San Juan del Sur: Cambodia has passed away at the age of 62 years old. Wes, Nale’s son, told Entertainment Tonight that his father passed away after battling cancer.

On April 18, Wes informed the publication that his father passed away this afternoon and that he had been engaging with the disease for a couple of months and they looked into it in January. Kevin, the star’s brother, also talked about the legacy, telling the publication that a life had been taken way too soon.

Nale showed up for the 29th time on the CBS serious show, Survivor: which debuted in September 2014 as San Juan del Sur He would likewise return the next year to contend in Survivor: Cambodia.

What do We know About Keith Nale?

Survivor Keith Nale was a contestant in the show “Surviving San Juan del Sur: Cambodia.” A longshot all along, Keith battled with the essential part of the game and with the maverick job to which his folksy character at first consigned him in San Juan del Sur.

He was frequently targeted after the merger and never became a core member of any long-term alliance. Moreover, he was able to make it to the last four, however, because he was good at Immunity Challenges and had a keen sense of opportunism, allowed him to act as a mercenary vote between opposing alliances.

After the eventual winner Natalie Anderson convinced Jaclyn Schultz that he posed the greatest immediate threat to victory, Keith missed the Final Tribal Council by one day.

Keith’s Castmates Remember Him

Not long after his passing, Nale’s Survivor castmates honoured the truth star. Following his Survivor fourth-place finish: Nale told Uproxx about San Juan del Sur, saying that he was so close that he can see it, and he wanted to say that he does not feel it was true. Given that he was 53 at the time, he added, his fellow firefighters had been encouraging and impressed.

Survivor Keith Nale Dies

Image source- Hollywood

That season’s winner, Jeremy Collins, who participated in both seasons of Survivor expressed his condolences via Twitter. In his tweet, he sent his condolences to the Big D, Austin, Wes, and Nale’s entire family.

He added that Keith will be missed, but his legacy will endure. Lastly, he added “Rest in peace” for Keith and called him a brother, firefighter and survivor as well.

Kelley Wentworth, who likewise showed up in San Juan del Sur and Cambodia close by Nale, tweeted that Keith was a man with the most flawless heart, who brought humour into minutes where it was required most.

She also said that she was thankful that she was able to meet Keith and spend time with him on the beaches of Cambodia and Nicaragua. Lastly, she added that her heart and condolences were with the entire Nale family as they went through this terrible loss.

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