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Is Former Shuttler Goh Liu Ying Pregnant and Getting Married?

Goh Liu Ying Pregnant
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Goh Liu Ying, a resigned badminton player, has implied in a series of online social media posts that she was ready to get married soon to her long time boyfriend. The 34-year-old former Olympic silver medalist also hinted in the caption of her Instagram post that she and her soon-to-be husband were expecting their first child together.

Gong Liu Ying Shocks Fans With Pregnancy News

Previous public shuttler Goh Liu Ying as of late shared some uplifting news. The adored former mixed-doubles player has tied the knot! In addition to acquiring a husband, Liu Ying is also adding a new member to their family, and yes, she is pregnant as well.

Goh Liu Ying Pregnant

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Already, Goh Liu Ying made news when she uncovered she and her blended duplicates accomplice Chan Peng Soon split up. Datuk Lee Chong Wei had teased Liu Ying about finding a partner with whom to start a family at that point, and after more than a year, Liu Ying announced that she had found someone with whom to start a family.

On 18th April, the 33-year-old made the announcement via social media. In the caption she added that she met the right person at the right time. She added that it was similar to pressing the fast forward button, and she was extremely fortunate.

Telling about her pregnancy news, she added that in light of them, now they have another addition to the family. Liu Ying shared this news while adding photographs of wedding band and two sets of hands embracing her stomach.

Liu Yang Has Met The Right Person At The Right Time

Goh Liu Ying explained the reasoning behind her emphasis on meeting the right person at the right time. In her Instagram Story, the ex-shuttler said that she had a bad relationship in the past, as she talked about disagreements and betrayals, which made her think she had met the wrong person at the wrong time. She admitted that she even considered staying single for the rest of her life, thinking it wouldn’t be so bad.

Goh Liu Ying Pregnant

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However, things evidently changed when she met her man. Goh Liu Yang said that a person can typically imagine that what a lady needs is a resilient man, yet they know, all she needs is a man who will deal with her, who will think from her perspective, who will buckle down for her, and a man who will give her a normal and stable life.

The 34-year-old remarked that she thought this is what love looks like, as she marvelled at the down-to-earth commitment she had discovered.

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