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Carol Locatell Passed Away – Cause Of Death Explained

carol locatell passed away
carol locatell passed away

Carol Locatell, best known for playing Ethel Hubbard in Friday the 13th Part V, has passed away. Her age was 82.

In a facebook post on Monday, actor Ron Sloan, who played Junior Locatell in the film, confirmed the actress had passed away after a long battle with cancer. I am deeply saddened to announce the passing of Mom (Ethel Hubbard) Carol Locatell, who fought cancer for many, many years,” 

Sloan wrote. Since she was such a tough lady, I thought she’d kick cancer in the a$$. Her husband, Gregory Prestopino, told The Hollywood Reporter that Locatell died on April 11 at her home at Sherman Oaks, California.

Her performance in the 1985 film Pinehurst Halfway House was memorable as foul-mouthed, shotgun-wielding mother Ethel Hubbard. 

Carol Locatell’s cause of death 

The cause of Carol Locatell’s death was cancer. Although she had fought cancer for many years, she eventually lost the battle. 

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carol locatell

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Who was Carol Locatell? 

Carol Locatell was a Hollywood actress. She died from cancer. On December 13, 1940, Locatell was born in Atlanta as an only child. At age 4, her mother sent her to a Catholic boarding school in San Mateo, California. She played one of the Pigeon sisters in Simon’s The Odd Couple. She left San Francisco State University to join the first national tour. 

She moved to Los Angeles in the early ’60s when CBS revived a studio system. From her first audition in New York in 1986, Locatell landed a Broadway part in Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound, which premiered in 1986 after she moved from Los Angeles. She starred in The Shadow Box and The Rose Tattoo a year later.

She first met Reynolds at a dinner theatre audition for Simon’s Chapter Two in Jupiter. Her performance as the short-tempered, stew-making Ethel in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) earned Locatell a legion of fans. She lives beside Pinehurst Youth Development Center with her son, Junior (Ron Sloan).