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Betsy Ball Murder: Where Is Lee Hawkins Now?

Betsy Ball
Source: ABC News

Field of Bad Dreams’ on Investigation Discovery tells the story of the horrific and terrible murder of Betsy Ball, 67, in Gallia County, Ohio, in February 2012. In less than two weeks, the investigators were able to identify the criminal—who turned out to be someone close to the victim—and solve the murder.

How Did Betsy Ball Passed Away?

Bessie Lynn On October 28, 1944, George Ball was born in Gallipolis, Ohio’s Gallia County. David, Brionna, Matt, Mark, and Todd were her five children from her previous union. The programme said that Betsy and David Ball were both divorced from their first spouses and that they knew one another from high school. But after the marriages fell through, David began dating Betsy, and eventually she consented to wed him. They occupied their house.

David was a quiet, reserved welder who worked at the Kyger Creek Power Plant. Betsy was a woman with a strong and outgoing personality, according to her family and friends. She had a quiet resolve that gave her confidence in all she accomplished.On February 28, 2012, the 67-year-old told her son John Todd Taylor that she was tired and wanted to stop for the day as she dropped him off at home about 2:30 p.m. He had no idea that that was the last time he had seen his mother in a healthy state.

How Was Betsy Ball killed?

Betsy Ball

Source: ABC news

On March 1, 2012, about 12:05 am, David arrived home from working a double shift at the Kyger Creek Power Plant, according to the police. He observed several odd things inside his home right away, the most apparent of which was the commotion in his garage, where his tools and other items were being relocated. He also discovered several scuffs on the hood, a shoe below his wife’s Subaru, and a piece of cloth on the car. David was alarmed when he saw Betsy’s spectacles and mobile on the floorboard of the Subaru’s passenger seat.

What’s Happened To Lee Hawkins?

The forensic specialists examined the Ball home and the exterior crime scene and connected Lee to both. Inside the garage, Betsy’s Subaru was covered in his fingerprints. On March 15, 2012, he was charged with a single crime of aggravated murder, tampering with evidence, mistreatment of a corpse, and murder.

Where He Is Now?

Lee entered a not guilty plea to each charge. But in late 2012, a jury found him guilty of aggravated murder, evidence tampering, and gravely mistreating a corpse. In October 2012, he was found guilty of tampering with evidence and given a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of release. The prosecution’s costs were also ordered to be paid by him by the court. In 2015, he filed an appeal against his sentence, but the Ohio Supreme Court rejected it.

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