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Who was New York’s Kaylin Gillis And What Lead to Her Death?

Kaylin Gillis Death
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New York woman shot to death at wrong address by homeowner Kevin Monahan, 65, was arrested for shooting Kaylin Gillis, 20, to death. Monahan was charged with second-degree murder.

Who Was Kaylin Gills?

Kaylin Gillis, a woman of 20 years old, was shot and killed on Saturday. While looking for a friend’s house in rural upstate New York, she and three others reportedly entered the wrong driveway by accident. The young woman was struck by gunfire as a man fired two shots from his front porch, according to Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy at a news conference.

Kaylin Gillis Death

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The Sheriff further said that the 65-year-elderly person old Kevin Monahan, has been accused of second-degree murder regarding her passing. However, it is still unknown if he has hired a net or an attorney.

According to the report, it was very rural area with dirt roads, it was simple to become lost. They drove up this carport for an exceptionally brief time frame, understood their slip-up and were leaving, when Mr. Monahan emerged and discharged two shots.

He further added that the region has unfortunate mobile phone administration. Besides, when the shots were transparently discharged, Kaylin and the remainder of the gathering drove away from that point searching for organizations and afterward called 911.

Know About The Incident

Saturday night, the incident occurred in Hebron, a small town northeast of Albany. At a news conference on Monday, Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey J. Murphy stated that Kaylin Gillis and three others were driving around the rural area with little to no cell service when they erroneously drove into the driveway of Kevin Monahan’s house.

Murphy stated that the friends quickly realized their mistake and began to retreat from the driveway. However, he claimed that Monahan entered his porch and fired two shots, one of which struck Gillis. The type of weapon used was not immediately disclosed by the police.

According to Murphy, no one in the car got out or tried to enter Monahan’s house before he shot at them. Mr. Monahan should not have felt threatened, he added. He went on to say that he personally knew Gillis’s family and that she was an innocent young girl, and he stated that she was taken way too young.

Kaylin Gillis Death

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According to the police, Kevin was extremely uncooperative when they arrived at his residence from where the shots were fired. He even refused to leave his house and talk to the police. According to the press release, the New York State Police Special Operations Response Team assisted in the arrest of Kevin. Presently, Kevin is in care and will purportedly have a court appearance soon.

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