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Who is Jacob VanZant? What happened to Jacob VanZant?

Who is Jacob VanZant? What happened to Jacob VanZant?

A 24-year-old who went missing in February after leaving a Lodi restaurant. Jacob VanZant drove a White 2004 Honda Pilot.

Who was Jacob VanZant?

Officers are searching for Jacob VanZant, who went missing and might be in trouble. Authorities are now seeking help from other people.

The last time anyone saw Jacob VanZant, was on the 17th of February at a cafe in the town. His relatives filed him missing after he failed to make it to his residence, as per the report from the Lodi Police Station.

At first, there had been no cause to believe he could be at risk, but on the 20th of February, cops discovered that Jacob might be suffering from specific medical conditions that might put him in danger. 

When he was last spotted visiting the sushi place in Lodi city on the 17th of February, Jacob VanZant went missing.

His long-term companion Celestial Riate had pleaded fervently for details on her absent boyfriend, claiming that they had been grabbing their takeaway for themselves after work. He suddenly went outside and went missing.

When a diving squad spotted a dead body in a waterlogged car, bereaved relatives were terrified that something worse could happen.

Who is Jacob VanZant? What happened to Jacob VanZant?

Image Source – News Week

Jacob VanZant Missing

The white 2004 Honda Pilot that belonged to VanZant was discovered on Saturday by a group of volunteers called Adventures with Purpose (AWP).

The organization conducts marine search and rescue operations. Despite PR efforts and an official investigation, they found VanZant’s car.

Even though the deceased’s body was not identified initially, his relatives have identified him as VanZant after some time.

What happened to Jacob VanZant?

The following day, AWP announced the devastating discovery via an online webcast under the headline, “We found Jacob VanZant.

It is believed that Jacob VanZant, 24, left behind bone fragments found in his car after he went missing. Thank you all for your cooperation and encouragement.

In the 27-minute webcast, an AWP spokesperson explained that the group got engaged when “the family contacted us.” Jacob was seen driving the car “recklessly” after consuming liquors while awaiting his food order.

When talking about the swim, they claimed the identification of the drowned car’s license plate indicated it to be Lacob’s car.

The swimmers managed to recognize that there was an adult male inside the car and were further able to discover this particular person had on a sweatshirt, something that VanZant was wearing.

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