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Who is David Draiman’s wife? Is David Draiman still married?

David Draiman Wife

David Draiman is a popular American singer-songwriter.

David Draiman is well-known as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Disturbed since 1996.

David Draiman wrote a few singles for the band, which became hits- “Stupify”, “Indestructible”, “Down with the Sickness”, and “Inside the Fire”.

In 2000, David Draiman released his debut album “The Sickness”. In 2022, David Draiman released the “Divisive” album.

David Draiman also released many albums like Immortalized, Indestructible, Evolution, Asylum, Ten Thousand Fists, and Believe.

In 2008, David Draiman released his debut Extended play “Live & Indestructible”.

In 2000, David Draiman released his debut single “Stupify”.

David Draiman released many songs such as “A Reason to Fight”, “Bad Man”, “Are You Ready”, “The Sound of Silence”, “Warrior”, “Another Way to Die”, “Indestructible”, “Ten Thousand Fists”, “Prayer”, “Stricken”, and more.

David Draiman Age

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When was David Draiman born?

David Draiman was born to Jewish parents YJ Draiman and Miriam Draiman in Brooklyn, New York, United States. David Draiman’s birth date is 13 March 1973.

David Draiman’s age is 50 years. David Draiman’s full name is David Michael Draiman. David Draiman’s height is 1.69 m.

David Draiman did his studies at Valley Torah High School, Fasman Yeshiva High School, Ida Crown Jewish Academy, and Loyola University Chicago.

Who is David Draiman wife?

David Draiman’s marital status is divorced. David Draiman wife is Lena Yada. She is a famous model and actress.

David Draiman and Lena Yad married on 25 September 2011.

David Draiman’s wife gave birth to their son in September 2013 named Samuel Bear Isamu Draiman.

David Draiman recently divorced his wife Lena Yad in April 2023 after 11 years of marriage.

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