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There Is A Severe Shortage Of 911 Dispatchers In Arizona, According To Officials

Source: ABC News

Every organisation in Arizona is looking for skilled dispatchers who want a fulfilling job. A job fair specifically targeted towards emergency dispatchers was held on Saturday by the Arizona APCO/NENA Chapter Executive Board.Across Arizona, according to the organisation, there is a critical shortage of dispatchers.


Source: ABC News

Dispatchers Looking For Jobs

Every agency in Arizona, according to Jim Frazier, vice president of the state chapter of Arizona, is seeking capable dispatchers looking for a fulfilling job.The personnel shortage across the state, according to Frazier, who has been there for 30 years, can range from 25 to 60%. This immediately affects anyone in an emergency.

Communities require a quick-responding 911 call taker who can direct them to the appropriate resources. When someone dials 911, dispatchers are the first people they will speak to. They must be prepared to go through our training, capable, and eager to lend a hand, he said.

Building Strong System

Basically, you need to pay attention to what people are asking of you at that particular time. I assist them in whatever way I can, and my strength is that I speak two languages.

Kimberly Brophy, a Phoenix Fire Dispatcher, gave the company’s culture, its use of calming tactics, and its training credit for her positive work experience. If we need to rely on someone, “we have a strong support system and a peer support programme that is very valuable,” she said.

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