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In the ‘grievous’ killing of Jayland Walker, no charges will be brought against US officers

Jayland Walker
Source: NBC News

A grand jury in Ohio refused to indict the police officers who shot the black man Jayland Walker dozens of times. Last year Walker was shooted by police officers after a car chase and foot chase last year.

Jayland Walker

Source: CNN

Now the authorities are all set to demonstrate against police misconduct. This decision was taken on Monday and renewed calls for accountability in the case of Jayland Walker.

In the United States, judges or grand juries are the random people selected from the citizens; they approve criminal charges to bring suspects to trial.

Last year on June 27, 2022, Akron police officers tried to pull over Walker when he walked after a traffic violation. In the incident, Walker fled in his vehicle, police tried to catch him for more than seven minutes, but they saw a gun in his car.

Walker jumped out of the running car and started running. Police officers caught Walker in the parking lot, where they started a fire on him after receiving a deadly threat from Walker.

According to the records, more than 46 gunshots were fired by the police officers, including five in the back. This data was revealed in the autopsy report by Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohler.

There is no substance of alcohol or drugs found in the body of Walker after three weeks of the incident, according to Kohler.

In Walker’s car, a gun was founded by the police.

After this decision, accountability was called for by the Ohio branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). ACLU posted a series of tweets that said, “Until we address the systemic issues of racism, implicit bias, white supremacy, and white privilege in our criminal legal institutions – especially metropolitan police departments – we will not have peace,”

Jayland Walker

Source: CNN

In another tweet, they said: “We support grassroots efforts to install a community oversight body in the wake of this tragedy and the many before this, and urge the city to move forward on measures promoting accountability of law enforcement.”

Netizen’s reaction over this ‘grievous’ incident:

Kyle Honeycutt

So we should put someone in prison because we are afraid of a riot? How about the rioters be imprisoned for acting like fools? But if they get shot, they’re gonna be the victims? We have already seen this with Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rich Moraghan

Grand jury reviewed the information, and determined Jayland Walker deserved what he got. “And then we need you to keep voting and marching with us and creating the opportunity for change, because it’s going to take…”

Tonya Keys

Now if the officers were black and did this to a white young man (over 90 shots 46 actually piercing the body)they would have brought charges on all of them they would loss their jobs all that its never justice for black men and women who loose their lives behind racially motivated hate crimes committed against us…this is an outrage a miscarriage of justice

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