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How Did Elizabeth Santos Die? This is All We Know

Elizabeth Santos death
Source: Crime Junkie

The current edition of Crime Junkie Podcast attempts to solve the death mystery of Elizabeth Santos in Anchorage, Alaska, in August 2020. The victim’s family accuses the investigators of terrible ineptitude and neglect. However, the authorities have refuted the charges, despite the fact that no one has been charged with the killing yet. So, how did Elizabeth die? Did someone murder her?  So far, here’s what we know!


Source: Crime Junkie

Who is Elizabeth Santos?

In August 2020, Elizabeth  Santos, a Floridian living in Wasilla, Alaska, will visit her friend Lizette Hoglund Hall in Anchorage. Elizabeth had recently ended her relationship with Dustin Kurpius and was visiting a friend to unwind. Dustin and she had been dating for almost a decade. Lizette’s son, Desmond Marcus Hall, who was Dustin’s buddy, was also present. People called Officers from the Anchorage Police Department to the 7700 block of Rovenna Street on August 8, 2020.

They had received a domestic abuse report and arrived at Lizette’s residence to discover her in severe condition. She suffered 10 stab wounds on her chest, upper thigh, and critical organs, and first responders transported her to the hospital, where she died. What happened next was a weird series of events that buried Elizabeth’s death in obscurity. Despite her severe state, they shackled Elizabeth on the way to the hospital.

What Happened to Her?

Elizabeth Santos was disoriented. Besides that, she was also unable to explain what had happened to the authorities because of her terrible wounds. According to the episode, the ambulance took 37 minutes to arrive at the hospital. According to official police records, when crime scene investigators arrived, Lizette was wiping up blood on the floor. They also found multiple scratches and bruises on her face, which she stated were from a dispute with Elizabeth just prior to the stabbing.

The Suspects 

The two suspects, Lizette and her son Desmond, went in for interrogation. Lizette said during her questioning that Elizabeth was scratching and clawing at her as she tried to prevent the attacks with her hand. As Elizabeth hammered on the door, she raced upstairs and urged Desmond to phone 911 before locking herself inside her bedroom. She also claimed she did not come down before the police came, albeit she was unable to provide a plausible explanation for how she did so.

However, The 911 call recording did not detect any banging sounds. Lizette also stated that she was washing the blood to prevent discoloration. It is vital to remember that she had a criminal record that included many assaults, and there was anecdotal evidence that she had previously committed acts of violence with knives. Desmond declined to talk to the police without the presence of an attorney and has never provided a formal statement to them. However, he later admitted to a private investigator that he did not see the brawl.

Did Someone Murder Elizabeth Santos?

Desmond claimed he heard the fight but never saw Elizabeth Santos stabbing or slashing herself. Both suspects were freed after police obtained DNA samples and fingerprints from them. The investigation finally went cold, and no one was ever prosecuted. Instead, officials claimed that the several stab wounds were self-inflicted. However, Elizabeth’s relatives and acquaintances denied the story, claiming she was neither suicidal, aggressive nor a drug user.

Elizabeth Santos death


The family eventually obtained photos of the crime site, including images of multiple knives allegedly used in the assault. However, the crucial question remained: how could Elizabeth fatally cut herself with multiple knives? Eventually, they found a fourth knife in the garage, not far from where Lizette said the fight with Elizabeth had occurred. It was filthy, caked with mud and, allegedly, blood.

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