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How Did Tim Yergeau Died?

Tim Yergeau Dies
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Five days after authorities failed to arrest child p*****raphy charges, former Planned Parenthood employee Tim Yergeau took his own life. On 11th April of the year 2023, the 36-year-old man committed suicide after police botched a raid that was supposed to take place at his house and instead knocked on the door of his neighbour in New Haven.

Know What Happened?

During a conversation with the Registrar of New Haven, Police Chief Karl Jacobson stated that the person who died was unquestionably the person who committed suicide and was a suspect in a child p****graphy investigation.

The Special Victims Unit was looking into a case involving child p*****graphy five days before Yergeau died. According to reports, they broke down the door of Yergeau’s neighbour and handcuffed her before realizing they were in the wrong house.

Jacobson asserted that they clearly hit some unacceptable entryway, and sadly, a mistake was committed. They added that they have empathy for the woman and will do everything in their power to make things right.

Police are Yet To Confirm Whether He Was The Suspect Or Not?

Tim Yergeau filled in as the essential correspondences chief for the Southern New Britain division of Arranged Being a Parent. He moved on from Boston College with a BA in correspondence. Furthermore, he had positions in showcasing, advertising, and correspondence at Hartford Express, the Boston Historical Center of Expressive Arts, and the Huntington Theater Organization.

Moreover, according to the Daily Mail, the theatre sent out an email stating that stated that they have learned about the events of the last 24 hours and are shocked and deeply saddened. It would be inappropriate to elaborate given the difficult news.

Did Tim Commit Suicide?

Tim Yergeau worked for the New Haven Free Public Liberty Foundation before this. On social media, he promoted LGBTQ and socialist causes as well as his support for abortion.

Regarding Tim Yergeau’s suicide, Police Chief Karl Jacobson refused to confirm whether the investigation involved a suspect. Additionally, the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner and his neighbour confirmed that he passed away on Tuesday, according to The New York Post.

Tim Yergeau Dies

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The application for the search warrant and specifics regarding what was discovered at Yergeau’s apartment would not be released by police until they are certain that there are no additional suspects, according to reports. Stacey Wezenter, Tim Yergeau’s neighbour, told the New Haven Registrar how the police entered her house at 6 a.m. with their guns drawn.

She added that it was like a movie when she started running down the hallway. She was accompanied by guns and flashlights and then they handcuffed her and pushed her up against the wall. She started to cry and asked what was happening.

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