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Anton Sereghy – Mesa teen arrested after allegedly shooting and killing motorcycle rider

Anton Sereghy was charged with second-degree murder
Anton Sereghy was charged with second-degree murder

One of the suspects in the killing of a motorcyclist in Mesa has been arrested. Anton Sereghy was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Arron Hendricks, 42. At approximately 5:15 pm on Saturday, April 15, Hendricks was shot in the chest at Sossaman and Main Street.

Who is suspected? Anton Sereghy

A teenager was arrested on Saturday evening after shooting a motorcycle rider. Mesa police charge Anton Sereghy, 18, with second-degree murder.

A shooting was reported at 5:15 p.m. Police found Arron Hendricks, 42, lying near his motorcycle near Sossaman Road and Main Street. The hospital later announced that he had passed away.

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An investigation is underway into the death of a motorcycle rider

A “road rage” incident occurred between Hendricks and people inside a red Nissan while he and a group of motorcycle riders were riding along Main Street.

When two vehicles stopped at Sossaman and Main, there was an argument between them. When the shot was fired, Hendricks was just a few feet away.

Police reported that the red Nissan fled eastbound on Main Street after the shooting.

It is believed that witnesses described the driver and the passenger.

The officers also looked at video from a witness’s dashcam, which helped them identify the Nissan and locate it.

A road rage altercation between the driver and Sereghy was reported to the authorities.

In a release, Sereghy stated that he was afraid of being assaulted by the motorcyclists, so he shot Arron after he ‘lost his temper’ when they yelled and cussed at him and because Arron ‘spit at him’.