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The Charlotte murder suspect who was mistakenly released turns himself in to police

Jaylan Noah Davis

On Thursday, a murder suspect was released from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office. All this happened mistakenly, and the suspect has been returned to custody. 

25-year-old Jaylan Noah Davis was released from the Mecklenburg County Detention Center Central on Thursday. According to the sheriff’s office, “based upon a court order indicates that the charges against him were dismissed in court that day.” 

Jaylan Noah Davis

Source: UNILAD

While on Saturday morning, Davis returned to the Mecklenburg County Detention Center Central. As the sheriff’s office informed him, he was taken into custody without any bond. He will be present in court on Monday. 

Sheriff McFadden said about this incident, “I am grateful that it appears that no one was harmed due to this mishap, though I am sure it was an emotional rollercoaster for the families involved. Our criminal justice system will never be flawless, but we will learn from this experience and improve our processes accordingly,” 

All this happened due to clerical error, and the charges against him were not dismissed. Regarding this case, The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office informed the sheriff’s office the last Friday. 

Channel 9’s report tackled Davi’s father, who said they saw early release news on a Channel 9 newscast. Davis’s father, Andrew, further said, “Like I do not believe what I’m seeing,”

Andrew Further explains that they immediately surrendered as soon as they were released and that all confusion happened due to a clerical mistake. We talked to some officials at the Mecklenburg County Detention Center Central; They told us that it happened due to an error. 

Andrew said, “And he explained to me that it was some clerical error, and they released him. We brought him home. But when they put it out on the news, I’m like, we’ve been at home. They got the number here. They got the address here. You know where we’re at; I mean, nobody came. Nobody did anything, but we happened to see it on the news, so we went to go turn ourselves in,” 

Jaylan Noah Davis

Source: Twitter

Jaylon Noah Davis was charged with a case of murder. In November 2022, he was arrested for killing 42-year-old Arthur Mikulski at Skitpwith Place in West Charlotte.

Further, his father talked about Jaylan “Jaylan is a good kid; I think he made some bad decisions. And, of course, if any of this comes out and Jaylan is guilty of anything he’s been charged for, by all means, I want Justice to be served. I want him to take it like a man,”

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