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Season 4, Episode 4 Of “Succession”: What Does Shiv’s Pregnancy Actually Mean?

Is Shiv Pregnant in Succession Season 4?
Source: CNN

Episode 4 of Succession continues the momentum started by the shocking revelations from last week with two additional plot-altering shocks. Shiv’s pregnancy is 20 weeks along when we first find out. Then, we find out that Logan (Brian Cox) left Kendall (Jeremy Strong) a document that functions as a sort of will by which he bequeaths Waystar. Team Roy comes to a successful finish in which Kendall and Roman (Kieran Culkin) both serve as temporary CEOs in the days following their father’s demise after engaging in a number of power manoeuvres during Logan’s funeral. But why did Succession pick this particular episode to unleash these two bombs?

She Was Never So Useful

It’s possible that Shiv’s pregnancy, which up until now has remained a secret, sealed a fate she obviously doesn’t desire. Shiv is clearly agitated when Kendall comes up with the CEO plan that includes Roman by his side; in part because she wants the job and in part because she is aware that her pregnancy might prevent her from gaining it. A distinct millionaire boys club is emerging, and Shiv is not only being kept in the background; given her pregnancy, she may perhaps be relegated to the far back of the audience.

Succession has never shy away from discussing issues related to gender in the workplace, with Shiv frequently used to examine such politics. Shiv has dealt with misogyny over the last four seasons, with Logan’s coworkers considering her unqualified for the position. Shiv was never truly “useful” to the business unless her gender could be used as a convenient descriptor, such as when they required a female spokesman to defend Waystar during the sexual harassment controversy. Her gender is considerably more prominent now that she is pregnant and that Kendall and Roman have made their choice.


Source: CNN

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Shiv is presently pregnant and unaccompanied. since the historic Roy schism, Kendall and Roman served as her support system. However, since their CEO collaboration, things has altered. Shiv is currently being forced to fight back because she has been backed into a very gendered position. We may anticipate her to start playing some Logan movements and lay all her cards on the table.

Succession portrays this obscene reality, where women are still solely classified as “mothers” or “CEOs” with no room for crossover. Shiv will have to deal with the atmosphere that is created as Waystar’s boys club takes over. Every man in her life has let her down and betrayed her, which should indicate that she is poised to get her retribution at last. Be prepared for unheard-of ferocity when you corner a lioness. Kendall or Roman would likely be very concerned about that first mouthful if they were me. HBO Max now offers Succession’s fourth season for streaming.

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