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How did Doktor haze die? Cause of Death and Obituary for Ringmaster of the Circus of Horrors

How did Doktor haze die

The ringmaster of the Circus of Horrors, John Hayes Mabley, better known by his stage name Doktor Haze or Dr Haze, has passed away. How about we perceive How did Ringmaster of the Bazaar Of Detestations, Doktor Cloudiness, bite the dust and Doktor Murkiness’ reason for death exhaustively?

Doktor haze


How did Doktor haze die?

The Ring Expert has, at long last, ventured off the stage. On April 15, 2023, John Hayes Mable, a young man from Tulketh High School and Ashton who left home to work in the circus and went by the stage name Doktor Haze, tragically passed away. The news was confirmed by numerous artists collaborating with Doktor Haze throughout his career. Doktor Cloudiness was viewed as having a likeable character. Given the recent news, many people must be curious about the cause of death of Doktor Haze. As reported by Preston Local News, John Hayes Mable, also known as Doktor Haze, reportedly passed away from cancer.

Who is Doktor Haze?

John Hayes Mabley was a British novelist, singer-songwriter, company director, and circus owner who went by the stage name Doktor Haze or Dr Haze. He co-founded the longest-running alternative circus in Britain, The Circus of Horrors, with Gerry Cottle, in 1995. He is the ringmaster, owner, and director of the show. Murkiness’ folks, who were bazaar entertainers, brought him up in Preston, Lancashire. At age 16, John, who was exceptionally affected by 1970s rock and roll and his #1 artist, Marc Bolan of T Rex, figured out how to play the guitar and started creating his melodies. To add drama, John and his band, One Thing, began including circus and horror elements in their live performances in the 1980s and 1990s.

At the time, animal rights demonstrations began changing how the circus industry looked. This was a period of growth for the circus. A terrible turn of events brought him back to Lancashire in December 1994: the murder of his godson in a Blackpool Tower Circus accident. During his presentation of rock music, he performs sword swallowing, voodoo acrobatics, facial piercing, and other nauseatingly bizarre human behaviours.

Mr Haze, also known as the “Undead Ringmaster Doktor Haze,” has performed with his circus in Chile, Uruguay, and most recently, the UK. He’s pondering investing energy in Israel. Mr Haze claims to have started the Circus of Horrors in 1995 and been born in a circus. My father trained lions. The Circus of Horrors is an amalgamation of everything I ran away from the chaos to do to have a go at rock’n’roll. He has since appeared on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV and at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. He also celebrates mitzvahs. The circus does not have any to animals. Instead, Professor Daniel Von Henry, who can swallow a sword with a camera attached to the tip and the fork-tongued Hannibal Helmurto, who can open a beer bottle with his eye, perform. Is it secure or not? It’s a good course of action, no more dangerous than driving in a race vehicle, as per Mr Cloudiness. However, the website states that the concert is “unsuitable for chavs, sissies, closed-minded bigots, or people of a nervous disposition.”

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