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Alex Mastakov’s Death: The Legendary Veterinarian Died after a Protracted Cancer Fight

Alex Mastakov death

Alex Mastakov, a well-known veterinarian and the founder of the Unusual Pet Vets Clinic, has died. 

Alex Mastakov death1


What Happened to Alex Mastakov?

Alex Mastakov, a veterinarian, died on April 14, 2023. On April 26, at Nambour, Sunshine Coast, there is scheduled a funeral for Alex. According to Unusual Pet Vets, the Sunshine Coast location will be closed until April 27 to allow team members time to process and support one another through this challenging time. 

Alex Mastakov Died as a Result of the Following Causes:

Alex was fighting metastatic cancer. Despite everything, Alex remained loving, cheerful, strong, and determined. Alex was diagnosed with an unusual and deadly cancer in August 2021 after finishing his veterinary speciality examinations in avian medicine and surgery.

Cancer Therapy:

He said on Facebook that he was doing well with chemotherapy until three days before the conclusion of his first cycle. One of his chemotherapy treatments disagreed with his digestive tract, resulting in enterocolitis and a fever.

He also offered an update after the second round of therapy. After the final cycle, he switched to just IV medications, dramatically improving his mood. This second cycle has gone quite well, with slight nausea and short-term weariness as side effects. As a result, he has felt great most of the time and can usually go about his regular activities.

The third round of chemotherapy went smoothly, and the patient’s response to the drug was excellent. He sent an update, stating he went in for his fourth round today and was doing terrific. He has also had many follow-up scans, all showing nothing.

In October 2021, he finished the fifth of eight chemotherapy cycles. He underwent further testing, which he aced with flying colours. Chemotherapy continues to be quite effective. He was overjoyed to have been able to help exotic animals and their owners while still being in good enough health to work. Unfortunately, Alex succumbed to his sickness and died early on April 14, 2023.

What was the Identity of Alex Mastakov?

Dr Alex Mastakov was a licenced Avian Specialist and the owner of the Unusual Pet Vets Clinic on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Alex Mastakov graduated from Townsville’s James Cook University with a veterinary science degree in 2013. He was finishing his PhD studies at the University of Queensland while concurrently working as a postgraduate student when he received the news.

Alex has dedicated his life to helping animals and those caring for them. He has always been fascinated by birds, reptiles, small creatures, and the distinctive fauna of Australia.

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