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Andrea Rose, The assistant principal of Hartford Middle School in Wisconsin has died at the age of 51

Andrea Rose
Source: Facebook

At 51, Middle School Assistant Principal Andreea Rose has passed away. On this page, we’ll learn more about Andrea Rose; keep reading.

Andrea Rose: What happened with the assistant principal

Andrea Rose

Source: Facebook

Andrea Rose, the assistant principal of the Middle school, died recently. Now all of her friends and family member are paying tribute to this beautiful soul.

One of her friends remembered him and wrote on social media, “She did it all while having a big smile on her face or dressing up as a clown or doing something else that would get a laugh or a smile from our students.”

While on another side, a friend of Rose posted some pictures of her on Facebook and wrote a note for her friend:

“Today, my good friend Jamie Leoni called me, and when I didn’t pick up the second time she called, she left the most heartbreaking message that she needed to talk about. She told me that we lost our dear friend Andrea Rose today.

I can’t put into words the impact she had on my life and the hole that will exist in my heart and so many others. I wish I could find pictures we took with the three of us. They were always the goofiest selfies which summed up
our time together. We would laugh for hours when we got together and never ran out of things to discuss. I love and miss you so deeply, my beautiful friend.”

Cause of death:

On Thursday, 13th April, Andrea Rose died at 51. Her sudden left her friend and family members in a state of shock. The news of her death was confirmed by the social media post.

Andrea Rose

Source: Facebook

Still, the reason for her death is not revealed yet. As the news came out about Rose’s death, her family member and friends paid their tributes on social media.

Social Media tributes:

Michelle Wagner Kronshage

Sorry for the passing of your dear friend. Praying for strength, comfort and peace for you and all those who loved her. 

Andrea Bahr Williams

She was amazing. She and Max had such a great relationship. She always took him under her wing through all his struggles and rough times. She will be so missed. I am so sorry you lost your sweet friend.

Cary Smith

That is so heartbreaking to lose such a great friend. She looks way to young to have left so soon. My deepest sympathy for your loss.

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