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Who Is Orlando Plunkett-Greene, Mary Quant’s Son? The Family Tree

Who Is Mary Quant Son Orlando Plunkett-Greene

Dame Mary Quant has away ‘peacefully at home’ at 93, putting the fashion industry in grief for the British design legend who pioneered block-colour tights, PVC – and Vidal Sassoon’s bob hairstyle. Mary Quant and her husband had just one child, a boy called Orlando Plunket Greene. As a designer, she embraced the Swinging Sixties style of London, dressed in her unique play outfits and boots, with enormous painted eyes, artificial freckles, and a unique hairstyle.

Who Is Mary Quant Son Orlando Plunkett-Greene1


Meet Orlando Plunkett-Greene, Mary Quant’s Son:

Orlando Plunkett-Greene, Dame Mary Quant’s son, was born in 1969. The late Alexander Plunkett-Greene and the fashion icon had a child together.

Orlando lives an anonymous existence. Thus nothing is known about him. At the time of writing, information on his education and area of employment was unavailable.

Alexander Plunket Greene, Mary Quant’s husband, was a fashion executive:

Quant met her husband and business partner, Alexander Plunket Greene, in 1953. He is a descendant of the Irish singer Harry Plunket Greene. They were married from 1957 till he died in 1990. She met Mr. Plunket Green, a well-bred weirdo (the philosopher Bertrand Russell and the Duke of Bedford were relatives) who donned his mother’s gold shantung silk pyjamas and played jazz on the trumpet on the few times he attended class — a character right out of an Evelyn Waugh tale.

Alexander and a buddy launched the Bazaar store on Chelsea’s King’s Road; his wife was the first purchase. Then she started selling her creations there, including the miniskirt, and Bazaar became well-known as a boutique for young people. He popularised her designs by founding the Ginger Group, a full Mary Quant line that gradually grew.

Plunket Greene and his wife also contributed to a fashion revolution in Britain in the 1960s. They designed eye-catching window displays and sold Quant’s creations. Bazaar was among the first to provide moderately priced apparel in simple shapes and vibrant hues. Plunket Green and Quant launched the Ginger Group brand as a more economical line for the general population in 1963. They then extended their operations to the United States.

Family of Mary Quant :

Quant was born on 11th Feb 1930, in Blackheath, London, the daughter of Welsh teachers. Despite coming from mining backgrounds, her parents, Jack and Mildred Quant, gained grammar school scholarships and first-class degrees at Cardiff University before working as teachers in London. Her family characterised her as “an internationally recognised twentieth-century fashion designer and an outstanding innovator of the Swinging Sixties.” In the 1950s, she graduated from Goldsmiths College with a certificate in art instruction, where she met her husband, Alexander Plunket Greene, who helped build her brand.

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