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Noxolo Khumalo: Demuse In Car Accident As KZN Woman Was Hijacked

Noxolo Khumalo
Source: ABC News

There is sad news spreading on the internet that Noxolo Khumalo, a woman, unexpectedly passed away. The public’s attention has been drawn to this news, which has generated a buzz online. At age 26, she passed away. She perished when she unknowingly fell off a cliff in an area where the road was washed away by flooding a year ago and was never restored. Additionally, the authorities neglected to install barriers and signs alerting drivers to the potential risk. People are using search engines to find out all the information they can about the news.

Cause Of Demise Of Noxolo Khumalo

The story states that she passed away on Friday, April 20, 2022. Her neighbours asserted that neither barriers nor warning signs were used to block access to the damaged road by vehicles. This declaration was made by Khumaloa’s cousin Aisha Ntuli, who was visiting her family in Ntuzuma over the Easter break while Khumaloa lived and worked in Johannesburg. Zibokwakhe Khumalo, the father of the late Noxolo Khumalo, claims that when first responders arrived at the scene of his daughter’s accident, they took her ID, bank card and mobile. After telling her mother about the horrible accident that involved the 26-year-old, they did this.

Noxolo Khumalo

Source: ABC News

Her Tyre Brust

The report states that Khumalo was out with friends the night of the collision when her car’s tyre burst. Khumalo took a car to a petrol station to get it fixed. Ntuli mentioned that she fled by herself. Her buddies followed her in another vehicle but were unable to find her due to traffic. Her family was notified by a call from a stranger that she had been in a car accident and had fallen down a cliff. When they arrived, the road had a few obstacles in it.

Additionally, onlookers close to the barricades attempted to discourage Khumalo from proceeding. Ntuli remarked, “Khumalo got scared and thought they were trying to rob her.” She said that the first responders had called her relatives. But someone had taken her possessions, which were in her car.

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