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Marlon Hudson’s death? The South Bend shooting tragically claimed the life of a 25-year-old Gary man

Marlon Hudson

A shooting incident happened on South Bend’s Philippa Street. Now South Bend Police are investigating this event. A 25-year-old man, Marlon Hudson, has been killed in this shooting. Let’s check out what happened in this; keep reading

Marlon Hudson


Marlon Hudson: what happened to him

In the shooting event in Philippa Street in south bend total of three persons were shot, including Mralon Hudson. One person is dead in this South Bend shooting, and two others are seriously injured. 

Age of the other two victims is 22 and 28, respectively, while 25-year-old Marlon Hudson died in this tragic incident. 

Police investigation in the case:

South Bend Police Department also posted about this incident on their official Facebook page as:

One of the victims is deceased, now making this a homicide investigation.

Chief Ruszkowski talks to reporters after a shooting in the 700 block of Phillipa Street just after 9 pm. 

There are three victims, but we cannot comment on the extent of their injuries at this time. 

Our Violent Crimes Unit is investigating.

South Bend shooting: What happened at Philippa Street

On Wednesday evening, around 9.20 p.m., a gunshot was fired at South Bend’s 700 block of Philippa Street. A total of three people were shot in this tragic incident; one died at the scene, while the other two were seriously injured and referred to the hospital. 

Scott Ruzkowski, Chief of South Bend Police, said in the statement, “Here is a whole another neighbourhood, all communities all shook up yet again. We just finished phenomenal work from another unfortunate homicide and are now dealing with three people being shot here.”

Netizens comment on South Bend Police post:

Marlon Hudson


Sandra Piggie

When will all the murderings will stop. Gun violence is out of control. The gun laws that has passed will make things worser than what they are right now! I pray that Jesus shall make this murdering spirit/death spirit behave in Jesus name!

My heart ache for these people families and I pray that all those who were brave enough to pull the trigger get the time in prison they deserve and I pray that they shall be captured and found! No more shall there be unsolved murder cases! We all need to pray!

Sandy Pierce Scott

I have lived on the Westside for 60 years and am now looking to get out of here. I do believe when the smaller laws are allowed to be broken ,that it leads to bigger crimes ! I have lost my faith

Tracy Canul

This is so sad praying for the families and with it nice outside kids running around everywhere what if one of the kids get hit by a stray bullet or if a stray went in to a house and hit a grandparent or anyone of that matter south bend is horrible

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