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A man killed after being pushed onto electrified metro tracks in Baltimore has been identified by police


Police are searching for the suspect who pushed a man onto the metro track. This shocking incident happened at the Baltimore Shot Tower metro when someone pushed a man on the path and electrocuted led him to death.



The victim was identified by the police on Thursday as Christopher Foster, but the police still did not provide more information about this investigation. 

Police got the information about this incident at around 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday. They informed me that a man had fallen on the metro tracks at the Shot Tower metro stop. 

In the police investigation, police found that someone pushed Foster onto another man’s track when he was standing near the platform. Due to the ways he electrocuted him, he died on the spot.

The suspect got successful from the scene to some other place as told by the police. Now police are searching the CCTV footage of the metro station and the nearby area to find any evidence. 

One of Foster’s friends talked about his friend’s death; it is too hard to hear this news about Christopher Foster. He further criticized the suspect “I just hate that man lost his life like that; somebody pushed him, that’s evil, that’s evil.”

Another man Gerald Eugene Williams said that whenever he rode on the train, he was more attentive and alert than usual.  Williams further said, “Where you are at and the surroundings you’re in, You have to look around and make sure you watch people, watch their reactions,”

The fact that activeness is needed everywhere is accepted by both Thomas and Williams. Thomas said, “When I came here in 1967, things were nowhere near worse than it is now. I don’t know where this will stop at”.

Netizen’s reaction on this event:



David KingWisdom Keeley

It’s crazy they haven’t caught the person who did it on none of the cameras and not even the station booth person have no description of the person when they sit in that booth all day watching cameras and that no one rides free.

Clifford Hardwick

This is unacceptable professional investigation. Shame on you. We all grieve for this sad victim. God bless him. How did it happen? Is there video? Tell us something beyond the obvious and show us the quality of your investigative capabilities. So far, you get a Zero.

Lou Ann Daniels

Prayers for his family. I still find it hard to believe that a human being can treat another human being this way. I hope I live to see the day we can all treat people with kindness and love.

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